Mankind drifts towards its spiritual and bodily ruin.

Course of world events - Comment on 2015 February 17

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Mankind continuously goes back in development. Read more:

A message from Bertha Dudde follows:


Course of world events according to development.

7. June 1946. B.D. NR. 3793.

Corresponding to the spiritual development also world events are going their course, and therefore also the chaos will become greater and greater because mankind continuously goes back in development. For it removes itself more and more from the love pole and strives towards the counter-pole, which is completely devoid of all love. And this must have an earthly effect in complete confusion, in complete disorder and therefore in unbearable existence for men, in earthly trouble, in lack of understanding, error, wrong thinking and acting and finally complete ruin, because in such disorder nothing can exist for ever. And therefore mankind drifts towards its spiritual and bodily ruin, and that is the end. Where an ascent development is still happening, there also the state of disorder will also not be found to such a degree, but the life of the individual is also adapted to the general state on earth, just more bearable only because he keeps to God and claims his help. But worldly seen one event follows the other, always corresponding to the degree of development of men, and because this development is retrogressively taking place, so also always greater unkindness follow one another, i.e., earthly measures and decrees provoke always more harm for men, suffering and misery get larger and larger, because mankind lives without God and therefore can also execute such plans, which the opponent of God presents to it. And that is why worldly no improvement is to be expected, because where an improvement is striven for, there love must be predominant, but it has grown cold, and unkindness only bears adversity to God. And where an improvement is visible, there only at the expense of fellow-men, who are plunged into greater hardship due to this. The doings of Satan in the time of the end are openly visible and recognizable to everyone who wants to recognize. And the point of time comes closer and closer, where his might will be broken for a long time. But before God gives him full freedom because the will of men is completely turned towards him and itself increases his power on earth. And only those people who strive towards God in free will can withdraw themselves from his power, because they are flowed through by the power of God and clearly recognize the work of the counter power of God. But through world events all men can also recognize him, who is without love, and with earnest will they can liberate themselves from him. Because God has laid the law of love in the heart of every man and given intellect to man, to recognize clearly when this divine law is sinned against. And that is why he also lets the great world event unroll that it can open the eyes for men when they want to see. It is their own duty to acknowledge the good or the bad work of love or to acts of unkindness. Also his earth life will move more or less corresponding to that order and also the degree of his knowledge. And also the last end will not come to him as surprise when he pays attention to the signs and world event, which takes its course according to the will of mankind. B.D. NR. 3793.


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