Abuse in the Catholic Church.

Abuse: Review unwanted - Comment on 2015 January 27

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The sexual abuse of children meanwhile simply continues – estimates give about 100 000 cases per year. Read more:

The scandal, which started five years ago, and shook the Catholic Church, restricted the terror organisation Catholic Church hardly at all in its terroristic activities. Also the raping of children through Catholic clerics of all ranks obviously continues without hindrance, probably even to a greater extent because it has been confirmed that an earnest prosecution only happens in the rarest cases.

The publicity of the scandal has certainly contributed that now to an increased degree sexual criminals rush to the offices of the Catholic Church because there they can commit crimes under the full protection and also are, in the almost completely neglectable cases, where they are imprisoned, fully supported by their criminal brotherhood, especially financially. And such seekers are very welcome in this organization because priests are a commodity in short supply, and the more the percentage of children rapists increases the more influence they have.

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Extracts from an article of today follow:


Abuse: Review unwanted

The abuse in the Catholic Church was only a part of the scandal, which became known five years ago. Up to now little has happened. The hope of many victims rest on a commission which takes up its work in 2016.

In January 2010 a scandal became public, which shook the republic. Thousands of believers turned their backs on the Catholic Church when they heard that children were sexually abused by priests in Germany for years. The public had to recognize that by no means individual perpetrators had assaulted minors, but that children had become victims of systematic sexual violence. But that also applied, as it became known after the first disclosures, for example at the reform pedagogic Odenwald School in Hessen.

Five years after that, the scandal stands again in the focus of the public. Three affected men, which were abused as children, appeared yesterday in Berlin before the public with the independent representative for questions of sexual child abuse, Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig. Also the Jesuit pater Klaus Mertes and the sociologist Sabine Andresen were present. Their aim: balance the books, how far the review has come after five years. Their result: One can hardly speak of clearing up; moreover the interests of the victims had to stand back far too often behind the interests of the institutions of the perpetrators.

In the meantime Rörig is confronted with these sober facts: Also five years after the cases of abuse, which are partly decades old, all perpetrator networks in the respective churches, parishes and education facilities are still hidden. A central place of clearing up does not exist up to now: the task and the mandate for this mammoth assignment are the same as ever unclear or not appointed.


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