Obama pays tribute to the destructive principle.

Obama portrays himself as a tough guy - Comment on 2012 June 7

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2012 June 7

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Barack Obama has been trying too hard to paint himself as a tough guy. Read more:

On this website we had the entry 2010 Nov 04 – Two years Antichrist
and that was two years after Obama was elected president of America and there it was about a prophecy which describes Antichrist as a man who so to speak accelerates disintegration, who pays homage to the destructive principle, who is not active building up but is active destructively.

Today now I read something that emphasizes exactly this direction of this man.

And it underlines also the fact that the politicians of his country, including the politicians who are in opposition to him, actually support his politics and do not realize what really happens.

In the almost four years after his election Obama has proved himself to be a politician who has hardly achieved any constructive contributions to the wellbeing of his country or the world and he can only convince with destructive actions and so hope to win the coming or already existing election campaign. His negative attitude towards the endeavour to solve the financial problems of the world, as it is striven for above all by Mrs Merkel, is probably the most serious example. In this he is active destructively; in this he is active destructively because he strives for the destruction of the financial system of the world.

His strength is to destroy and in this only he can score. To kill the terrorist leader was until now the most outstanding event and in this direction, to be active destructively, it is now going on.

In the now following excerpts Obama is described as that person who tries too much to portray himself as a tough guy. But in reality that is not an attempt, that is in fact reality, there Obama does not need to disguise himself at all; there he is active in an area which is his strength – to destroy.

I now bring excerpts of what I read today:


Barack Obama has been trying too hard to paint himself as a tough guy.

Back in 2008, in the aftermath of defeat, Republicans probably banked on the fact that come 2012 they’d be able to attack the effete Harvard law don and community organiser Barack Obama for being weak on national security issues.

As it turns out, Big Bad Bo is a self-appointed, one-man hit squad, raining down righteous retaliation on Americas Islamist enemies from the drone-infested skies above Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia.

This week, therefore, senior Republicans have tried a different tack - hammering Mr Obama not for his record on national security, but for the endless leaks trumpeting top-secret successes, most of which seemed designed to paint Mr Obama as the steely tough guy.

First three Republican senators, including Marco Rubio in Florida (a Romney Veep possibility), published a joint Washington Post editorial accusing Mr Obama of authorising leaks that jeopardise informants' lives (or get them sent to jail for 33 years, like the Bin Laden informant Shakil Afridi), and make it harder to build ties with other intelligence agencies who don’t want to be splashed all over The New York Times.

Then today, Sen John McCain blasted the White House for the latest leak - a detailed account of how computer worms had been sent in to cripple the Iranian nuclear programme. The Senate Armed Services Committee will now hold an inquiry into the leaks.

“It makes the president look very decisive,” McCain said, accusing Obama of cynically using national security for political ends, “and it gives very little credit to the other men and women who make these things happen. This puts American lives in danger, revealing our most highly classified operations both in cyberwar and in drones.”

Mr Obama … personally reviews every one of his extra-judicial killings.

… increasingly he sounds, and looks, utterly egomaniacal.

… every time Mr Obama finds himself needing to bury bad news domestically, he lays down another national security smokescreen.


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