Plato and Socrates had an idea of the inner school of life.

The schools of Egypt - Comment on 2012 March 29

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2012 March 29

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The schools of Egypt have ceased and no longer exist already since quite a long time in this way; because at the time of Moses there started to be something wrong with them. Already then they started to just give an external instruction, and a Plato and a Socrates were already practically the last ones who had a faint idea of the inner school of life. Read more:

Four days ago we had 2012 Mar 25 – Pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt and there it read: The great pyramid with the two obelisks was a "man, recognize yourself!" schoolhouse. It had in its interior great chambers and for a long way passages in all directions, in which all kinds of strange establishments were found for self-knowledge and from it for the knowledge of the highest spirit of God.

Today I now read some more about these establishments in Egypt and I therefore now bring an excerpt of it, from Jakob Lorber’s The Great Gospel of John:


      Says Roklus: »Lord and master, I have now seen that your wisdom and most pure insight into all things is of a depth never to be fathomed, and I have to confess here openly that you could impossibly know and comprehend this as a pure man when you would not have taken the greatest part in all creation according to the spirit, and now quite a lot has become clear and bright to me what I could not even ever think about earlier. But since you already were so merciful to explain to me such extraordinary things, I therefore request from you to discuss a little bit in detail the expression >Sheoula< and let us say, eternal death; because about this I am not yet completely clear. That means, I understand the matter perhaps just about; but that I could claim that I were already completely at home there I would lie to myself! Therefore explain these two mentioned things a little bit to me in more detail!«
      Say I: »Now then listen! She‘, also shei or shea means: >it thirsts<; oul also voul: >man lost in himself<, one could say: >animal man< (ox); a: >according to the consistency of that what makes up the inner wisdom and insight<.
      But that under the letter A such is to be understood shows the form of the old Egyptian pyramids, which are a reproduction in a great scale of the brain pyramids, and it was their purpose to serve men as wisdom schoolhouses, from which still today their name and their inner establishment testifies. Because Pira with dai obviously really means: >Give me wisdom!< And the inner furnishing was also such that man, completely isolated in it from the outer world, had to start to look into his inside and to find his most inner light of life. That is why it was always pitch-black and dark in the wide inner passages of such a pyramid, and it did not become sooner light than until man started to light up everything with his inner light of life.
      This of course sounds somewhat strange to you. Alone all this is still so! Because when the inner soul seeing of such a man is opened then there is no night and no darkness for him on earth any longer. All the very sensitive men and those gone into raptures furnish so to speak an obvious proof. These see with completely closed eyes by far very much more than otherwise thousand men with the very best, most healthy and sharpest eyes; because these see through ever so firm and most non-transparent matter, they easily see through the whole earth, and even the stars are not so far that they, the quite enraptured (magnetized) men would not be able to see through them in detail.
      But how men can get into the blessed state of ecstasy – and that in the end when and as often as they like – that was just taught within the pyramids and mainly very actively practised.
      Because the pyramids served for this, they also gave them the very proper and everything describing name She`oul a. Therefrom the old Hebrew took his shortened Sheol', the Greek his Schole, the Roman his Schola, and the Persian und Indian his Schehol ((My remark: Surely also the German his >Schule<. Jakob Lorber)).
      But because the old wise men quite well knew in their enraptured visions to which very regrettable state the very materialistic souls, which love the world and themselves beyond measure, get in the hereafter after the falling away of the body, they therefore just called such a regrettable state also She oul a, hell!
      That such a state was called with the expression >death< opposed to the state of life of a true wise man in the order of God, is but surely quite in accordance with truth. And because it is an eternally always and necessary similar and lasting quality of all that what is called >world< und >matter<, therefore it will also be clear, why one has called such >eternal death<!
      As long as then a soul remains here or on the other side in such a state it is also obviously in the state of eternal death, from which to wriggle free is certainly a most difficult task in life! Many souls should probably have a world age to do until they again come to something out of themselves! – Now tell me whether you now see clearly!«
      Says Roklus: »Yes, Lord and master above all, now also this is truly completely clear to me; but now still a small question, and it consists of this, namely how can a man put himself into the ecstatic, all seeing state! When I would still know that, when just the ways to it, then I would muster everything possible to also place myself into such certainly most blessed state from time to time! Lord and master above all things, be so kind and give me also in this some good tips!«
      Say I: »The schools of Egypt have ceased and no longer exist already since quite a long time in this way; because at the time of Moses there started to be something wrong with them. Already then they started to just give an external instruction, and a Plato and a Socrates were already practically the last ones who had a faint idea of the inner school of life.
      But I now have come into the flesh of this world for that reason, to give to you men a still better life direction according to which everyone can place himself into the highest wisdom of life. And this direction runs very shortly: >Love God above all out of all your strength and your neighbour as yourself!< Who practises and fully does this, he is equal to me and is also just through this guided into all wisdom and its power and might!
      Because he who is full of love towards God, in him God is also present with his endless and unlimited love and with its highest light. Then the soul and its spirit feast in all light of wisdom out of God, and it must then also after all see and recognize all that what the light of God sees and recognizes. And because all the most eternal omnipotence and might of God is in his unlimited and endless love, then the soul in such divine love just needs to want with the will of that love of the spirit of God, that rules in it, and it must happen what the soul wants! – That is so clear and true than only anything can be clear and true in this world.
      But to only know such and to believe ever so vividly does not suffice by a long way, but one must do that fully in all difficult circumstances of life and must practise it at all times; because only an uninterrupted diligent practice really makes a master out of the disciple!«
      Says Roklus: »Lord and master, but how can I get to love God, the invisible, eternal spirit, above all out of all powers of life? Because it appears to me as if the heart of a man would be too small and too incapable to love the infinite and eternal spirit of God, of whom one can impossibly form an idea, above all to a high degree.
      It is easy with neighbourly love; but to love God, so towards the most endless, there is surely an inappropriate reason for that for us very small men! How therefore is that to be done that one can love God above all?«
      Say I: »There is hardly something more easy in the entire world! One has to look at the works of God, his goodness and wisdom and to conscientiously keep his commandments, love his poor neighbour like oneself, and one lifts through this also already God above all!
      But when you cannot form an idea of God for yourself, then now look at me, and you also have for ever that for ever valid and lasting form in front of you, under which alone you can imagine your God and creator! Because God is also a man, but the eternally most perfect one in and out of himself! When you see me, then you also see everything! – Do you now also have understood me well in this?«


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