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2011 April 6
Around the world devotees of spiritual leader Shri Sathya Sai Baba prayed for his good health. Read more:

Today I read the following:


India spiritual leader Sai Baba ‘stable’ in hospital

Sai Baba is estimated to have millions of devotees around the world

The condition of one of India’s most revered spiritual leaders, Satya Sai Baba, is showing ”signs of improvement”, his doctors say.

Thousands of devotees in the state of Andhra Pradesh have gathered outside a hospital where he was admitted last week with breathing problems.

The 84-year-old guru is thought to have millions of followers around the world.

His distinctive orange robes and his hair have made him one of the most recognisable of India’s gurus.

Sai Baba was admitted to a hospital in Puttaparthi, where he is based, last week with lung and chest congestion, doctors say.

A health bulletin issued by the hospital said that his condition had improved though he is still on a ventilator and receiving kidney dialysis.

”He is in a stable state of health ... There are signs of improvement in the functioning of his kidneys although he is still on dialysis,” a health bulletin issued by the hospital said.

Sai Baba counts former Indian prime ministers, prominent businessmen and India’s cricketers among his followers.


I am always interested to read about Sai Baba because he seems to be an outstanding spiritual person, one of the few who does not seem to be interested in making money.

This characteristic of his is described in quite some detail in Book of Life.

There one can find some of Sai Baba’s teachings and therefore get an idea what this man is all about.

Another webpage is Meditation where also some details about his life are given.

An interesting message regarding people like Sai Baba is the dictation B.D. NR. 8970 Light beings obtaining the sonship of God that Bertha Dudde wrote down.

Sai Baba is considered to be an avatar and this dictation talks about beings that return to earth for the purpose of a mission, and these two expressions could mean the same thing.

So I recommend to read “Light beings obtaining the sonship of God” as it also gives a good insight into the relationship between a union with God and a union with a religion being different from Christianity.


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