The ram, Iran, and the prophecy of Daniel.

Will Iran attack its neighbours? - Comment on 2011 February 23

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2011 February 23
I saw the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward; so that no beasts might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and became great. Read more:

A week ago, on the 17th of February 2011, the subject of this website was 2011 February 17 Ė Will Iran push westward? Israel accuses Tehran of provocation and yesterday was the news that Egypt lets Iranian warships pass, that Iranian warships transit Suez Canal towards the Mediterranean.

These news items gave me the impression that Iran may be on the brink of attacking its neighbours and so I had again a look at Daniel 8:4 and there it says:

I saw the ram pushing westward, and northward, and southward; so that no beasts might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and became great.

The three directions towards the ram is going to attack are westward, and northward, and southward. Now this might happen at the same time, that Iran is attacking in three directions at once, but it also could be it first attacks toward the west and only later towards the north and then towards the south.

The first direction mentioned is west and Iranís neighbour to the west is Iraq and in Iraq a vacuum was created last year by Obama withdrawing the American combat troops from that country and opinions were expressed in Iraq that Iran would exploit that weakness of Iraq to conquer it.

Towards the end of the last millennium Iraq invaded Iran and a bitter, long war followed (1980-1988) and now Iran might feel justified to reciprocate and invade Iraq.

If Iran would occupy Iraq it would have come very close to Israel and could attack Israel in a similar way as Iraq attacked Israel with Scud missiles in the early 1990s.

Another advantage of occupying Iraq would be that Iran has direct access to Syria and so can better support this ally in its effort to wage war against Israel and influencing Lebanon.

A further advantage would be that Iran then sits right at the borders of Jordan and Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, three countries which now very much try to prevent Iran exporting its political system to their countries.

These three countries now rely on their ally America to protect them and even cooperate with Israel in trying to defend their countries.

So Iran would gain tremendous influence in that region by conquering and occupying Iraq.

The second direction the Bible mentions is north.

Iranís neighbours in the north are Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan und Turkmenistan.

It does not seem that Iran would have any advantages to attack Turkey. Turkey is a member of Nato and that alone would be enough a reason to stay away from Turkey. Turkey is also known as a country with strong military abilities. The latest development is also that Turkey seems to be moving away from the USA and also from Israel and now supports more the cause of Iran.

The real interesting country for Iran in the north is Azerbaijan. Could Iran occupy Azerbaijan then it would have several advantages. Azerbaijan now blocks the connection between Iran and Russia, a natural ally of Iran. Russia could then have direct access to Iran and support it by land. But the main reason Iran invading Azerbaijan would be that Azerbaijan now is an ally of Israel and much talk has been in the news, especially last year when speculations were rife that Israel might attack Iranian installations, that Israel might launch an attack on Iran from bases in Azerbaijan. So Iran sees Azerbaijan as a direct thread to them.

Iran also tried to export their political system to Azerbaijan but met much resistance there and Azerbaijan is also an important player in the oil extraction and exporting business and Iranís influence on oil would increase by having control over these resources in Azerbaijan. And having already brought the oil resources of Iraq under their control, Iran would then be even more a major player in the control of world energy.

Now the third direction of attack is south and south of Iran is the Persian Gulf and the Arab Peninsula. And the countries there are very much aware of the thread coming from Iran and are very busy preparing themselves for such an event. The mainline of defence is the east coast and American basis there and Iran might attack via the sea route.

But after having invaded Iraq and having occupied it, Iran has direct access to Saudi Arabia and to Kuwait and therefore indirect access to the rest of the countries of the Arab Peninsular. So Iran could invade Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and then countries like Yemen and the United Arab Emirates and Qatar and Bahrain. A country like Qatar would not be very much prepared for an assault coming from Saudi Arabia and be in a position like Singapore was in World War II when it was prepared to be attacked by Japan via the sea route, but was not prepared for the Japanese coming from the hinterland.

Having Oman under its control would give Iran much more control over the Strait of Hormuz and therefore over access to the Persian Gulf.

Controlling the Arab Peninsular would also mean to have an important influence on the major shipping route between Europe and Asia, the Red Sea.

So when Iran would occupy Iraq, Azerbaijan and the countries of the Arab Peninsular then Iran would be in control of important parts of Asia and the predominant power in that region but what then would be even more important, would be that it would be in control of much of the energy resources of the world.

Now this picture also illustrates the importance of maintaining the balance of power in that region, and of making sure that Iraq remains free and secure, and even more so this picture illustrates the importance of Obama withdrawing the combat forces from Iraq and so destabilizing the region.

And now the region is even more destabilized by Iran gaining influence through the turmoil in that region and the Islamic movements becoming more powerful in a country like Egypt.

Just this month Iran scored twice: the fall of Mubarak and the passage of its warships through the Suez Canal.

So having the just discussed possibilities in mind, one can imagine how the Iranian government is now, after their recent successes, even more encouraged to pursue an expansive policy and export their ideology.

A major aim of Iran is of course the fight against Israel and that is a cause where it hopes to find support from all Muslim people and expanding their territory in a major way is of course a major thread to Israel and Iranís attack towards the west, the north and the south might include an attack on Israel. The announcement last week that the Hezbollah leader tells members to be ready for war is a sign that Israel might right from the beginning of Iranís offensive be one of the targets.

But the above considerations also show that the prophecy of Daniel definitely suits the present situation and it also therefore shows that it can also take place.


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