But I find the question much more important whether it is a message and what it means.

Crop circles - Comment on 2010 September 4 (2)

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2010 September 4 (2)
But whether God also works obviously, whether he also tries to recall himself to men's mind by unusual phenomena - it is difficult to make an impression on them because they have explanation for everything, although these also differ widely from the truth. Read more:

On the 28th of August 2010 I had a report about corn circles and today I again read two corresponding prophecies and therefore bring here the following: First the complete report, therefore not just the first part, and secondly three commentaries which I found below the report, which therefore are not from me. There where a lot more commentaries but three are enough I think. And thirdly in the end I then bring two suitable prophecies.

So now first the report:


England: Crop circle in 3D discovered

In England, in Hampshire county, a crop circle was discovered. What is so special about it is that the pattern is made up of overlapping circles and so causes a 3D effect.

This crop circle could only be found through flying over the wheat field. Already ten years ago a crop circle was found in that area.

In addition there is talk that there are supposed to be further crop circles in Hampshire. These rumours have however not yet been confirmed.


So that was the actual report and now come three commentaries which I found below; they are therefore not my commentaries but come from the same source from which the report comes:


Opinion of the author about the subject:
Crop circles are as everybody knows the results of aliens. Speculations say that these are magically signs to test us or to tell us something somehow. Yet these patterns seem to become crazier and crazier. Now also with 3D effect!!! Already some time ago similar crazy things could be found: A crop circle which coded a famous mathematical formula. Definitely from ALIENS!!!!


So somehow I doubt that something like these are still pure jokes of some comedians. A boringly normal dark circle one may manage in the dark … but how for Heaven’s sake does one do such patterns at night? I would claim that something like this is already impossible during the day because of size.


Made fun of the subject
Such irrelevant comments as those of the author will only help, that the subject is completely ridiculed.

1. A crop circle was not just discovered by chance. Every year very many such formations come up in this area from April – September.

2. through this a large crop circle scene has developed, which drives around every morning on the country roads and looks for such formations

3. one should say to this, as it is … rightly mentioned, the formations come up over night. With most of them one can definitely say that they came into being in a very short time.

4. it was not the first crop circle with a 3D effect. There were countless. Who seeks finds something!

5. one should mention that very many researchers meanwhile deal with it because some of the formations show anomalies as for example radioactivity or the crop stalks look melted!

6. one can derive interesting mathematical laws from the formations. Approaches are given, to find new patterns in mathematics.

I hope I could raise the standard of this subject a little bit. Exactly this tabloid style ensures that one does not discuss such subjects objectively. It is of course virtually impossible to remain objective with the subject “extraterrestrial intelligences.” But I find the question much more important whether it is a message and what it means. And one should honestly ask oneself how it can be managed with human will. Some formations are more than several hundred metres in circumference and perfectly symmetric. There are certainly forgings but have come into being on behalf of a firm for example Firefox under great time involved and attention or simply just look ridiculous. The explanation that it can be done with stick, wire and a board is completely implausible.


So these now were the report and the three user comments belonging to the report and now follow two suitable prophecies; B.D. stands for Bertha Dudde:


Mysterious Light Phenomena.

13. December 1954. B.D. NR. 6134.

In the dark that is spread over the earth men need much light - and even if they are mostly not prepared to accept light, even if they mostly prefer to walk in darkness - my light from above will still be brought to them because the merciful love of the world of light is keen on bringing help to you men. And innumerable beings of light are close to you men on earth, always prepared to light a light for you - to softly urge you to carry out works of love so that a light brightens up in you and illuminates your spirit. I myself have given my hosts instructions to set their love urge in motion on you and my will is also theirs. Exactly in the last times before the end where darkness becomes deeper and deeper, the earth is besieged by beings of light, which let their powers flow to earth and also find opened hearts everywhere to which they can bring light. Before the end their will of love becomes more and more powerful and prompts them now and then to do unusual work - that light phenomena obviously prove their work - phenomena, which are not a satanic blind light but clearly point to another power - phenomena, which will make the ones who are mine happy, however give fear and horror to my opponents who want to believe nothing and still experience something, which can only be explained through faith. My messengers of light have been given instructions to use their power in my will and where a work of rescue is to be accomplished there they gather and work with united strength - so that their activity is everywhere visible - that their riches of light shines to earth in a way apparent to all men. Light phenomena of mysterious nature will intellectually occupy men before the end and it will not be easy to explain these phenomena naturally what science however will try. Phenomena of light of mysterious nature will also give rise to speculations, which are completely wrong, but who seeks light he will also find it because the inhabitants of my kingdom recognize every man's thoughts, and they take care of him who searches in good will and asks for light. Because heaven and earth - the kingdom of light and that of darkness - are subject to me, and everything that is perfect, that is radiated through with light, helps to drive away darkness on earth. And it will also be in evidence because this is my will that men on earth will still receive every kind of help, which can rescue them, for which all beings of light are always prepared. Amen. B.D. NR. 6134.


Unusual Trouble - Unusual Help.

28. December 1954. B.D. NR. 6147.

An unusual trouble requires unusual help. That is why in the last times still much will happen, which strikes as strange and which will be recognized as spiritual work by those who know about the nearness of the end and therefore also pay attention to all signs, which announce the end to them. Men will still experience much, which they cannot scientifically explain to themselves, however find the explanation immediately when they look at everything for the purpose of spiritual development, when they consider both the spiritual low of men as well as the approaching near end. Then it is understandable to them that the love of God still tries everything to wake up men, to perplex them, so that they become aware of their responsibility. Success will also be seen by only few but God loves every single soul, and he tries everything to still win it for him. But whether God also works obviously, whether he also tries to recall himself to men's mind by unusual phenomena - it is difficult to make an impression on them because they have explanation for everything, although these also differ widely from the truth. And what still moves them today has already lost all appeal, all interest tomorrow. The hearts of men have become insensitive, and only earthly advantage or failure still can stimulate them to think and act, but all spiritual is fantasy to them, unworthy of a thinking rational type of man. And so complete unnatural things could happen in the universe - the most visible signs could be given to them from above - they would just take note of everything , smile about it or try to explain it earthly-naturally, but otherwise they would let it make little impression on them. And also these rescue attempts will be in vain, the results very little, and still everything will still be done, and when that is why it would be possible for only one soul to escape the eternal ruin and still find back to God before the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 6147.


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