Statistics: Both Christian Churches grow smaller and smaller.

The laager mentality of the Catholic Church - Comment on 2010 August 19

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2010 August 19
More and more cases of sexual abuse through Catholic laymen, priests and monks become known in Germany. Read more:

Today I had a look at several articles which deal with the development of the churches in Germany and I now bring some quotations from them:

The president of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Alois Glück, sees the development of the Church as declining.

... Glück laments a „missing climate of dialogue” in the Catholic Church.

… Glück talked of a “laager mentality” …

… said the president of the Catholic laymen organization …

Since January more and more cases of sexual abuse through Catholic laymen, priests and monks become known in Germany.

“I consider it to be the most important change since a long time that after the shock experience of the abuse now the victims stand in the focus of attention and not the wrongly understood protection of the institution church.”

More dramatic than the obvious decline of membership Glück valued the “number of unreported cases of those who on account of this experience back off from the church and that a process of estrangement takes place”.

Glück admonished: “We must self-critically go into why so many people than never seek for a purpose in life and orientation, but do not hope to find it in the churches.” This is a problem not only of the Catholic, but also of the Lutheran Church.

Statistic: Both Christian Churches become smaller and smaller

As a result of the abuse scandal very many resignations are expected in the Catholic Church for 2010.

Abuse: Church resignations in individual dioceses doubled

That more and more people leave the Catholic Church is connected with the abuse scandal, declares a researcher.

… the church resignations from the Lutheran Church had also increased, but by far not so much as with the Catholic Church. “There is obviously a direct connection between the abuse scandal and the church resignations”, …

Altogether the number of resignations has continually increased. This indicates a “secular trend” in society.

Cases of abuse: After wave of scandal – church laments lack of priests

Less and less young men want to become Catholic priest, so the German Bishop Conference. Now additional publicity is to help.

Bishop salary: In Bavaria church and state loosen intertwining

Saving suggestion: State politicians want to shorten subsidies to churches

The “dotations” of the federal states to the churches go back to the year 1803

The theme awakens emotions, especially in times of hard up public tills: nearly half a billion Euro of subsidies received both big churches 2009 from the federal states.

… the history of the “dotations” ignored. They go back to the year 1803, when the Reich Deputation in Regensburg expropriated the old Reich Church with its vast ownership. It was about four archbishoprics, 18 bishoprics, 80 Reich direct abbeys and more than 200 monasteries. With it the worldly princes were compensated for such areas, which they had to cede to Napoleon.

“The Reich of the emperor has paid, the Weimar Republic has paid, Hitler has paid, and the Federal Republic of Germany is still paying.”


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