Did the plane with the Polish president really crash on the 10th of April 2010 in Smolensk?

When do the 7 years begin? - Comment on 2010 August 17

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2010 August 17
And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. Read more:

I had already several times dealt with the beginning of the actual end time. Today I was again thinking about this strange sentence from B.D. NR. 4493: When information reaches you about the passing away of an earthly ruler then you have arrived at that point in time that you can call the beginning of the end.

And then I though of, that I had thought about that between the death of the ruler and the announcement of this event a time difference could exist, let us say of hours or days or a longer time. But now the thought occurred to me that this period of time, from the point of death until the point of the publication of this news or more exactly the point of receiving the news, could have theoretically a negative sign. I was always assuming that the announcing of the death chronologically had to follow death, but that does not need to be so, the announcement can theoretically take place before death, actually a long time before death. This idea came to me as I again thought about something I had read some time ago. I now bring an excerpt of that what I read on 30th July 2010:

Only conspiracies remain: … has already comprehensively investigated about the possible background of the Smolensk disaster and in the end completely ruled out an accident. Out of various reasons it is already clear that it was a conspiracy. Of the three versions therefore only two remain. The most probable cause of the crash is according to our conviction an assassination. The second possibility is, that the Tupolev 154 M with the number 101 has not crashed at all, but its sister plane with the number 102, which was in the Russian Samara for overhaul and was brought from there to Smolensk to then somehow crash. When this was so, then it possibly also was a false flag action and all passengers are still alive and were flown to where the Tupolev Nr. 102 came from. Samara was already earlier a town full of secrets in which one above all hid culprits towards the end of World War II and got them new identities. The old communist agents are after all still in livelihood in Russia, but also in Poland, even if often now as politicians.

Now this may sound quite strange and far-fetched, but who once has dealt with such totalitarian systems like the one of the Nazis and of the communists he might not consider it to be so impossible.

The expression, “When information reaches you about the passing away of an earthly ruler,” actually does not say that this ruler has died. Strictly speaking it just declares something about the announcement or more exactly about the receiving of news. Whether this news is true or not, is actually not the content of this sentence. When the content of the sentence would have been that the ruler has died, then the sentence would read like this: “When an earthly ruler passes away.” But it reads: “When information reaches you about the passing away of an earthly ruler.” So it is about some information, the information itself; whether it is true or not, is actually not part of the content of the expression.

When we assume that the president of Poland, who is also supreme commander of the Polish armed forces, and the supreme commanders of the subsidiary armed forces and other high ranking leaders of the country, did not die at all on the 10th of April 2010, and are still alive, or were killed later, then the sentence, “When information reaches you about the passing away of an earthly ruler,” could fit this situation all the more. Actually only then it would really make sense. For when I assume that death occurred first and after that the receiving of the news, then the actual reception of the news is more a personal event, and with it is also a personal point in time and all end time events related to it would then also happen for everyone at another point in time. When therefore someone receives the news only a year later then for him also all following events would occur only one year later. But when this death did not happen at all, when only a news was issued which was false and was supposed to lead people astray, then this sentence suddenly describes the situation correctly.

What could have happened, was, that after the landing of the plane with the Polish president, perhaps on an airport to which they were diverted, the people in the plane were put out of action with a gas similar to that which was used several years before in Moscow to free hostages and inactivate terrorists. As people often use mobile phones after a landing, a normal arrest would have given people the possibility to send an emergency message still just before, but this was prevented by the sudden inactivating of the body and the same was achieved through this, what was achieved in Moscow then, where it was prevented that the terrorists still could detonate explosives.

Such an action would then not just bring things like notebook computers, satellite telephones and mobile telephones into the hands of the actors, but these high ranking bearers of official secrets themselves as well and one could then grill them afterwards without being pressed for time, for with the public they were dead after all. The clothing of the Polish president one could well put on a person suitable for this purpose and let it then fall out of a plane and present it to the twin brother of the Polish president for identification. When the twin brother would agree to a clearing up, one could investigate the body in the coffin of his brother to establish whether it really is the one of his brother.

The next sentence of the prophecy reads, “Then the world will become a source of fire, the flames will flare up, unrestrained the hate will rage, and mankind will be seized by dread because it sees no way out of the danger that is inevitable.” This has not happened and that is why it could be assumed that this event does not indicate the beginning of the end times, “that point in time that you can call the beginning of the end.” But there is also no time given, which is between the event which is described in the first sentence and the event of the second sentence. Now when the facts suddenly become known, that the former Polish president did not die then, then the second sentence could become true quite fast. One just has to imagine that the then Polish president is shown alive on television and reports about his experiences on and after the 10th of April 2010 and his twin brother is shown next to him.

We, who observe the events of the times of the end, are not pressed for time, and can continue to follow the course of events calmly and compare them with what the prophecies have to say. But these considerations we have just reflected on, once again show us how difficult it can be to handle prophecies. We will have enough to do, to compare that what has happened with them. To express forecasts, which go beyond the actual prophecies, could turn out to be quite risky.

An afterthought: In this connection one could keep in mind Revelation13:3: And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.


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