For three months now the Catholic Church seems to sink into chaos.

Review of the subject "spectacle" - abuse and corruption in the Catholic Church - Comment on 2010 May 2

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2010 May 2
On the 28th of January 2010 the spectacle began of the present abuse scandal with the news from Berlin about the Canisius College in Berlin, Germany, which is run by Jesuits, where teachers abused students, and for three months now this spectacle is happening: a web of lies of greatest extent is sinking. Read more:

On the 30th of April 2010 I wrote: "On the 28th of January 2010 I read for the first time about the present abuse scandal. It was about the Berlin Canisius College in Germany run by Jesuits where teachers abused students. I mentioned this in my first entry about this scandal on the 10th of March 2010. So this scandal is now going on for a quarter of a year and during these three months one sometimes had the idea that it would slowly disappear from the headlines but this does not seem to be the case."

"The reason we are dealing here with this event is the existence of a prophecy from Bertha Dudde which deals with what it calls a spectacle and which will be the evidence that we can believe these prophecies from Bertha Dudde and that we therefore also can accept as truth what God is teaching us through the transmission of his word."

Today, the 2nd of May 2010, I think it would be appropriate to have a review of the subject "spectacle" as it is now going on for a quarter of a year, and so I now bring a summary of the entries so far, and to make it easier for you, to find and read the actual prophecies, I have indicated these in bold.


Es folgt jetzt eine Liste der bisherigen Einträge zu diesem Thema "Schauspiel":

13 2009 March 27 The Mistake is to be Sought There Where Truth is to be Represented (includes B.D. NR. 4760)
15 2009 April 13 The End of a Great City (includes B.D. NR. 5004)
24 2010 March 10 The Catholic Church Sinks Into Chaos (includes B.D. NR. 4760 und 5004)
26 2010 March 13 Crime: Abuse Scandal Reaches the Pope
-- 2010 March 15 (2) Priest's victims forced into vow of silence
-- 2010 March 15 (3) Vatican considers scandal to be exaggerated
-- 2010 March 15 (4) Vatican moves to distance Pope from abuse scandal
30 2010 March 20 Confrontation in church service about previously convicted priest
31 2010 March 20 (2) A web of lies of greatest extent (includes B.D. NR. 8391)
35 2010 March 25 (2) Abuse Scandal’s Ripples Spread Across Europe
36 2010 March 26 Papal bull
37 2010 March 28 Scandal about the Catholic Church
38 2010 March 29 The web of lies (includes B.D. NR. 8456)
40 2010 March 30 (2) The real abuse in the abuse scandal
41 2010 March 31 The real cover-up in the abuse scandal has two sides
45 2010 April 5 Move by British lawyers to prosecute pope over abuses
47 2010 April 10 The worst is probably yet to come
-- 2010 April 23 "Abuse scandal"
51 2010 April 29 Abuse and corruption in the Catholic church
-- 2010 April 29 (2) Abuse and corruption in the Catholic church (2)
52 2010 April 30 Paedo priest dumped in South Africa
53 2010 May 2 Review of the subject "spectacle" - abuse and corruption in the Catholic Church


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