The voice of one crying in the wilderness will again announce the appearing of the Lord.

God's adversary will embody himself in a ruler - Comment on 2010 February 27

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2010 February 27
The speech of the voice of one crying in the wilderness will be powerful and God's adversary takes action against all spiritual striving. Read more:

Today, on the 27th of February 2010, I read a prophecy by Bertha Dudde in which information is given us about the forerunner of the Lord and also about the adversary of the Lord.

I start with the whole prophecy and after that will add some comments:


Forerunner of Christ.

2. August 1962. B.D. NR. 8231.

The ones who are mine will recognize him, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, who will announce my appearing, as I have predicted it. Because his light will brightly shine, and his speech will be powerful. And he will not be afraid to attack the mighty in his speeches, because he is sent by me to earth to fulfil his last mission to preach about the end of this earth and to announce my coming on the day of judgement. Who belong to me will mightily be touched by the power of his speech, and they recognize that it will not be long before I come myself and rescue them from their misery. But before you men will again and again indulge in wrong guesses. But I tell you: You will have no need to ask, but know that it is he whom I send ahead myself. Because when he appears then my adversary is also already active in a way that he will embody himself in a ruler who now takes action against all spiritual striving, against faith, and who now also will press severely those who are mine through his accomplices so that they are to fall away from me and confess him. You will then also already be able to follow the beginning faith struggle and that is why you will receive exceedingly strong consolation through my forerunner because you then will also know that the end is no longer far. Because his mission on earth is of no long duration, as also Antichrist will be easily recognizable, whom also no long lifespan is given. The forerunner will come and strengthen your faith; he will testify for me and announce my coming with such powerful language that the ones who are mine will draw strength and will also hold out until the end because I will help them myself in their troubles, which this last faith struggle involves. The voice of one crying in the wilderness will not let himself be held back and very openly take action against men who are hostile towards mine. He will brand their action as being despicable and he will always enjoy my protection against their attacks, until also his hour has come, because he will again pay for his mission for me with death, and also that is not to frighten you, who are mine, but only strengthen you that you walk in the truth, that you can expect everything so as I have announced it to you through my spirit. A period of time completes itself, which was set for you men for the redemption out of form, but until the last day I help you to find to the right faith in me, and also the forerunner is sent to you to strengthen your faith. Who wants to recognize him, he will recognize him. Who rejects his word, he is an open follower of my adversary, and he also rejects me myself. But the light from above, which will shine exceedingly bright, cannot be overlooked; his powerful word cannot be ignored, and his walk and work on earth in the last times is so obviously recognizable as divine activity that everyone can recognize him and needs no longer to ask if it is him. And my adversary again wants to work the same way by him seeking to cause confusion and insinuating to his followers to see the forerunner here and there, and that is why a close union with me is necessary to recognize right and to think right. That is why I again and again let you know that he only appears when also my adversary has prepared the right outer form for himself, in which he then has an effect to the horror of the believers, because he has great power, and he makes use of this to a severe faith struggle. And then also he appears whom I send myself, and he will openly attack him and not be afraid of him, and thereby you will recognize him because he has great power, which he applies in my name and he will also heal the sick and work miracles and that is why he will be attacked all the more violently by the rulers, who are out to kill him and will also achieve it, that he dies a violent death. But the light, which he spreads among the ones who are mine, will strengthen them unusually, and they will await my coming in confidence and hold out until the end - because they know that my word comes true and everything will come as I let it be announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 8231.


So the forerunner of the Lord will appear then when God's adversary has already an effect in a way that he acts against everything spiritual:

"Because when he appears then my adversary is also already active in a way that he will embody himself in a ruler who now takes action against all spiritual striving, against faith, and who now also will press severely those who are mine through his accomplices so that they are to fall away from me and confess him."

So there will be two phases in the appearance of Antichrist. In the second phase he will act against everything that is spiritual. And before that, in the first phase, he will try to get everything that is spiritual on his side.

Only when he will have succeeded in this to a great degree, and most people who are interested in spiritual things brought to join his camp and will also be well anchored there, he will give up his attitude to be on the side of spiritual orientated people, and display his true mentality, and fight every spiritual striving.

We are now probably in the first phase where it is important to him to win spiritual orientated people.

An interesting event took place last week. The American president received the leader of the Tibetans, the Dalai Lama.

This act put a heavy strain on the American Chinese relationship.

But that does not count much because the Chinese leadership is anyway in the bag of Antichrist. A government, which enslaves its own people, is already clearly designated in its orientation for or against God. It is now already clearly so designated that it completely suits the aim of Antichrist: it is now already against all spiritual striving. For more than sixty years it has persecuted spiritual people.

The Dalai Lama represents the Tibetan and especially those who are spiritually orientated. But his influence is far greater, and not only reaches the world of Buddhism, but also strongly the western Christian world. He is probably the best known spiritual personality in the world and his popularity is not so much based on him being the leader of a world religion, but rather more on the spiritual side of his life and work.

The attitude to the man he was talking to might be as it may, but the man he talked to will profit much from this meeting and have won much reputation with spiritually orientated people. And that it was what mattered to him.

An interesting passage in this prophecy, and in the already above mentioned sentence, is the statement that the adversary of God will embody himself in a ruler.

This means that he probably will embody himself in a head of government or in a head of state.

This statement consolidates the presumption, which person he may be. This statement, in combination with the personal description of the prophecy B.D. NR. 4029, increases the impression that it is the person who was elected in November 2008.

The whole concept which Antichrist adopts to achieve world domination is quite advanced and intricate, and every detail seems to have been well worked out, and compared with others who have tried to conquer the world, people like Napoleon or Hitler, his plan seems to work much better, and he will come very close to get all people of the world behind him, but the real end result will be that he gets chained and thrown into the abyss for a thousand years.

One detail of his advance to power was him becoming the leader of a nation. Terrorists would have been highly successful if they would succeed in putting their leader into the office of president of the country they want to destroy. And as Antichrist is adhering to the destructive principle, he can be regarded as the ultimate terrorist.


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