Who asks for truth, he will receive it.

The Desire for Truth - Comment on 2010 February 17

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2010 February 17
A certain prerequisite always has to exist, which is the longing for the pure truth. Read more:

Today, on the 17th of February 2010, I read B.D. NR. 8099 by Bertha Budde.

When you read what you can find here on this website then this is obviously a sign that you are an earnest seeker of truth and that is why I bring the following to encourage you on this way:

Right Vessel for the Light - for Truth.

11. February 1962. B.D. NR. 8099.

And it will be given to you according to your desire. Who asks for truth, he will receive it, but it will never reach the indifferent or will be recognizable by him because I respect the will of man. And that is why I always want to be asked for truth so that you prove to me that you also long for me who is the eternal truth. And that is why also the union with me has to be established first in free will because I will never fill a vessel, which does not open itself to receive my gift. You cannot yet assess the gift of favour from above the right way; you are not yet aware what it means to be addressed by the father himself, to be given a knowledge by the father, which gives you an over bright light in the spiritual darkness, which is spread over the earth. But I do not arbitrarily radiate this light; I look for the right vessels for me for this, into which I can flow and which now also appropriately again radiate this light to such places where it is needed. But a certain prerequisite always has to exist, which is first the longing for the pure truth and second the self creation to a receiving vessel for my spirit current. Through a life of love man must have got ready to a vessel, into which I now can flow myself. And this requires the free will of man, which is why therefore man himself decides the issue whether he will be chosen by me as a useful tool through which I can pass on truth to earth. And I recognize the hearts of men; I know about their form; I know about the will of the individual, and I also know in which way man uses a gift of favour of over high value. I know it who has the earnest will to serve me in my vineyard, and I certainly also employ him there where I need him and where he is at the right place according to his abilities to successfully have an effect on the fellow men's soul salvation. And the inner degree of maturity of man will always also determine the assignment, which I allocate to him in my vineyard. And his activity will not be done arbitrarily but I will assign it myself to him because I know him, because I know about his innermost attitude, his love towards me and towards the neighbour - and because the assignment, which he now fulfills on earth as my loyal servant, can also always only be accordingly. And so I say to you that not many men are filled with the desire for truth. It is true that often my address is desired and expected, but only seldom is it a question for a man of being filled by me with my spirit, to be introduced by me into truth. And that is why pure truth can also only seldom be passed on to earth because the earnest desire for it is the first condition to receive it. But considering the spiritual darkness the supply of truth, of a light, which breaks through the darkness, is so necessary that I certainly bless the man who requests for himself a light from me, and that this man certainly does not direct this request to me in vain. All of you do not value the pure truth high enough; you walk along carelessly, and it touches you little whether you are instructed in truth or not. And you therefore also do not desire truth, and so it also cannot reach you. And that is why every man desiring truth will enjoy my special protection, because only through such the possibility is given to pass on truth to men, even if this does not happen in a direct way - but the desire for truth must also exist when the directly imparted truth is to be accepted by fellow men. But there are few vessels, which prepare themselves to receive pure truth out of God. There are only few men who ask me for the supply of truth, and I will know how to protect these against all challenges of the world; I will know how to protect them from my opponent who will press the light bearers all the time to cause the light, which radiates from them, to go out. The darkness is nearly impenetrable, and that is why mankind is in greatest misery because only the light illuminates the right way, which men are to go to reach their aim. A bright ray of light is urgently required, which breaks through the darkness, and only where the possibility exists to light a light there is also the prospect of rescue of men before the end. The desire for truth is the first conditon, and only a man desiring truth can be a usefull tool for me, which I can use to bless all men. Because he is able to carry a light further and to lighten up darkness, because he possesses a light, because the desire for truth has lightened a light in himself, which is now also guarded by me from every clouding, which now sends out its bright ray and illuminates the way for men who are of good will. And these my light bearers will always enjoy my protection because I need them in the times of the end, because men must hear the truth, because only through the truth they can become happy. Amen. B.D. NR. 8099.


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