Every thought of a forthcoming end can only have a profitable effect for your soul.

Thoughts of an End are Full of Blessings - Comment on 2010 January 30

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2010 January 30
When thoughts of the end come to you then do not chase them away but deal with them, and only think of that there is no end for your soul - and seek to create the state that you also do not need to shrink back from an end. Read more:

This my preoccupation with the times of the end did a lot of good to my spiritual life and I am quite grateful to have been pushed on to this subject. To be busy with the end, may it be with the personal one or the common one, has impressive effects, and the whole purpose of being here only becomes really clear with this activity. Alone the one point of view which becomes quite noticeable when one gets down to these times of the end, namely to become aware of the worthlessness of all material goods, and even also of all worldly knowledge, is already enough to enjoy great personal progress.

Here now Bertha Dudde with something that very much agrees with my experience:

Thoughts of an End are Full of Blessings.

2. September 1961. B.D. NR. 7982.

Every thought of a nearly forthcoming end can only have a profitable effect for your soul when you believe in its survival after death. Because then you will live consciously; you will also think about a few things and no longer attach importance to earthly plans and interests, even so you are still not fully convinced that an end comes. But the thought of it will be encouraged in you on the part of the world of light because the intellectual influencing starts from their side because you are entrusted to them for protection and they look after you and your soul's salvation. So from them the stream of thoughts starts, and again and again it will be passed on to you. And now your free will decides how you adapt yourselves to it. So it can be for your spiritual advantage, as you also can reject each of such thoughts though - when you still have become too much a slave to the world and all thoughts about an end are just in your way in your striving for the world. Then you will prefer to listen to what the whisperings of the dark beings have to say; you will pay tribute to the world and do everything to create or to increase bodily comfort for you. Because you then also do not believe in a survival of the soul after death; you only live for the sake of the earthly life, and the light beings have no success because you beat back the stream of thoughts flowing towards you, because you close your heart to all good powers and their admonitions and warnings. And then you will have to experience all what you like to reject. You will be disappointed from the world; you will have to recognize its instability, otherwise you will be given worldliness so over abundantly by the adversary of God that you really have already gotten all reward, which you have acquired on earth, or which is demanded by the adversary of God as price for your soul and which he willingly pays you - by him giving you plenty of earthly goods, respect and power. Do not demand such earthly goods so that you do not become a slave to him, but recognize the times, and gratefully accept all troubles and worries, because they prove to you that the love of the father still struggles for your souls, that he does not give you up and that he wants to win you and your thoughts before the end comes. That is why he announces the end to you, and when you now deal in thoughts with this, then your soul will only profit from it because you will kill worldly desire, you will still work on your souls in thoughts of the end, and you will pray to God that he may give you power to fulfil the purpose of life on earth, and then you also have been rescued from eternal ruin. When thoughts of the end come to you then do not chase them away but deal with them, and only think of that there is no end for your soul - and seek to create the state that you also do not need to shrink back from an end. And when you also find the way to God through such thoughts, because they certainly are a blessing for you, and you also can leave yourselves trustingly to the light beings, which look after you and are worried about the salvation of your soul. And they will now always have an effect on your thoughts and remind you also in these times again and again of the near end. They will never put the world temptingly before your eyes because the world is the kingdom of the prince of darkness, from which the beings of light want to keep you back and whose work they seek to weaken exactly with the pointer to the near end, which always can only be given to you mentally. And so difficult these thoughts perhaps burden you. They are only favourable to your souls, and that is why you are not to repulse them, but let them have an effect on you because one day you will be grateful for every warning cry, which wrested you from the hands of the opponent - some day you will know that you have been lovingly looked after to not again get lost for endless long time. Amen. B.D./ NR. 7982.


Above we read, "Do not demand such earthly goods so that you do not become a slave to him," and that means to become a slave to the adversary of God when we desire and ask for earthly things. Now this is quite interesting, especially when one things of the prosperity teaching which is found in many Christian circles. So we do not ask for earthly things, because it is actually not really necessary to do so, as we will get in any case everything from God when we seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness. Then all these things shall be added unto us. The asking we leave to the Gentiles. For after all these things do the Gentiles seek. And they, the Gentiles, are in danger to become slaves to God's opponent or they are already his slaves.

The subject prosperity is a subject like baptism, or full Gospel, or Pentecost or charisma, or word based, or apostolic, or spiritualism, and such subjects are easily taken out of the Bible and are especially emphasized and then used to form a denomination and therefore used to divide the true body of Christ, the real church. So the adversary of God wins a victory when he achieves division in the body of Christ, when he succeeds in people forming denominations and calling them the Baptist Church, or the Pentecostal Church, or the Charismatic Church, or the Word Based Church, or the Apostolic Church, or the Spiritualist Church. And when people form a denomination around prosperity then they build such a divisive club and are in the hands of the adversary and he then even binds them more by also giving them this prosperity they crave for and giving them earthly goods and so pays for their souls which they hand over to him and they then have nothing - in the end - and he has what he wants.


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