And then many false prophets appear.

The Envoys of Satan - Comment on 2010 January 3

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2010 January 3
And where your speeches come across resistance there you also clearly recognize the work of my adversary, and from those you are to separate and not to preach together with them, because they are not my representatives but envoys of Satan, who is very especially there at work where the light of truth gains acceptance. Read more:

Last year I dealt with articles where the end of the world played a part and where scientists and scientific institutions deal with this subject and for example give their view on a certain movie. The trend was very clear: There will be no end of the world, all scientific knowledge speaks against it. To hear such a statement from scientists is of course quite revealing because with such statements they enter the area of future predictions, they try their hand at forecasts which are quite long-term, and actually they act as prophets, a duty, which they probably would not really like to be accused of. They predict the future and are therefore to be compared to fortune-tellers and to be placed with them on the same level.

That scientists make long-term predictions is already as such remarkable because they already have considerable problems with short-term forecasts. They are not even succeeding in forecasting the weather for one week. I once planned a thing for a day which was supposed to be in a week's time and looked at different weather forecasts in the internet and all of them predicted for this day and for this location nice weather and so I decided to choose this day, which was in a week's time, for my matter. All the six days until this day I visited again and again these internet sites and there looked at the different forecasts and these forecasts changed from day to day and became more and more forecasts, which indicated a weather that was not too good, until it came to the day before the event and there bad weather was forecast for the coming day for that location. And the next day the situation at that location was as follows: wind, rain and cold. They just could predict the weather more or less reasonably for the next day; a week before they still had predicted the finest weather for that day.

Scientists might directly live and work and do research work in an area which is prone to earthquakes and they still cannot predict such earth shocks. They might sit on a vulcano and do measurements and then this vulcano explodes and kills them, and they perhaps expected that this eruption was approaching, but until the last moment they did not know when it would happen. They are bodily in contact with the object of their research and still they do not know what will happen in the next moment. And the same people presume to predict something about things, which are far away in outer space and which they perhaps cannot even see, also not with their armed eyes; of which they do not even know if they exist.

A fool is somebody who wants to prove that something does not exist. Psalm 53:1 says: The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

So much for the ability of scientists wanting to predict the future. And now to the ability of scientists to grapple with different areas of knowledge. A scientist, who consciously leaves aside an area of human knowledge and rejects it as a matter of human experience and therefore keeps it out of his scientific considerations, can hardly be taken into consideration as a scientist, as he excludes possible events and refuses to accept them as possible happenings. And such an area is for most of the scientists the area of spiritual science. Their naive thinking goes in the direction that when something cannot be proved materially then something like this does not exist or should at least be excluded from scientific discussions.

We have at least two problems with our scientist: The want to be active as prophets and in addition they want to determine what belongs to life and what does not belong to it. But there are also other problems with scientists. One of it is for example that they think that the known laws of nature always have to be valid, and that there are no laws of nature, which are only valid in great periods of time, but which are also laws of nature. When, as here on this website, the rapture is mentioned, then this if for a normal scientist something ridiculous, because it contradicts all his known laws of nature. Another thing is that it is automatically assumed that the same laws of nature prevail on other celestial bodies as they do here, and that, if there exist something like human beings, these would have to work the same way as we do. An example for this is the attempt to make contact with such beings. One thinks this would have to be done the same way as it is done here, with devices, which are used by us. Everywhere on earth there are, and have been at all times, men who had spiritual contact with other beings. To be in contact with God is quite normal for a great number of men and they do it mentally. It is quite normal for spiritual active men to know that spiritual exchange with other beings, may it be on earth or on every other celestial body, is a matter of mental exchange, and it is practised the whole day over and is called to practise the presence of God or to be led by the spirit of God. The libraries of the world are full of works, which describe these contacts and present endless many details but for the so-called scientists all this does not exist at all. They spend the money of their fellow men for things like the building and maintaining of transmitters and receivers, which completely contradict human experience.

A further thing is that scientists assume that things on other celestial bodies have to go on as they do here. When they for example arrive on the moon then they have to perceive there with their bodily senses, in case there exist something like human beings, or in case something like plants and animals exist, the same way as they would perceive such things here on earth. That they, when they are on earth, also just perceive with their bodily senses only a small part of things, which really exist here, is not known to them. All the spiritual beings which are staying here on earth, completely escape their perception. Already a dog can perceive sounds, which a man cannot hear. TV waves and mobile phone waves a man also cannot perceive, he needs specially manufactured machines for this, he does not see and hear these waves, and they are still there. And all the spiritual beings which also stay on the surface of the earth are also not perceived by men, and so they think they do not exist. The surface of the moon might be full of spiritual beings of all kind, but a normal man without spiritual gifts might feel nothing of all this, and therefore draws the conclusion that the moon is uninhabited. And some of these beings might also exist physically, but not the way as we can perceive it, and therefore they also cannot be heard and seen by us. When now even someone would tell that even the sun is inhabited by all kinds of beings, then such a claim would be received as being ridiculous.

The coming and the going of celestial bodies are quite normal for an astronomer. But when it then comes to life on this earth, where their personal life is directly concerned, then suddenly all such possibilities of an end of this celestial body, or even only of a relatively small change of its surface, is considered to be impossible.

A true astronomer would not get active as a fortune-teller, but a fake one does it, and he then should not call himself an astronomer, but an astrologer - and then also an inferior astrologer.

The false prophets therefore cannot just be sought and found among the religious people but especially also among the scientists. The adversary of God does not see himself exposed to limitations, to him all help is okey.

I have reflected on these problems of the world of science during the last few days and today, the 3rd of January 2010, I came across something which is quite revealing. Here it comes; it is from Bertha Dudde:


False Spirits. False Prophets.

29. September 1960. B.D. NR. 7714.

That is why I chose you to be my servants because I saw that the will in you is good and strong, that you assert yourselves when it is a matter of representing the truth. Because much is offered to men as truth, and still it does not have its beginning in me. And when my servant now recognizes this, then he is not allowed to remain silent but he must speak, he must counter this error with the pure truth - he then has to show that he is my representative on earth and that he works for me. Thus he must confess my name before the world; he completely has to stand by that, which he himself received from me because I chose him to be active for me as disciple in the times of the end. And to whom I have now assigned this duty, to him I will also give the strength to speak in my name. And he will appear as an apostle of truth and unmask my adversary who also has chosen his tools to cause confusion in my ranks. And therefore hear what my spirit announces to you: The period of time till the end is nothing but short but the day of the end is set since eternity. And wherever you men are, you will all hear about this forthcoming end, because I still let completely obvious signs follow, which will be observed everywhere and which will also occupy men's thoughts. But exactly these signs cause the most contradictory opinions because now the work of my adversary appears and the thoughts of men will get confused because one will no longer understand the other, everyone will pursue other aims, which he will not be able to give up, and few will be of awakened spirit and draw the right conclusions. And then many false prophets appear. And that is it of which I want to warn you that you do not believe every spirit, which wants to confide in you, and that you especially do not believe those who deny the end, who believe not to be able to reconcile my love with an end of this earth. And then be careful and earnestly ask for the supply of truth. Do not believe every spirit, which seeks to express itself through men willing to it, and counter each of such a teaching with my pure word, which sounds from above, because you men are to stand in the truth. Because only through truth you reach the aim. And you have many spirits among you, which do not speak on my behalf, but you recognize them at that, that they fight the end, that they take offence at the revelations, which announce a near end, and that they oppose the announcers. The time is fulfilled, and exactly in the time of the end many false prophets will still arise and seek to invalidate the pure truth out of me. And they will do unusual things, so that you believe in them, but it is not my spirit, which speaks out of them; it is not my power, which works in them - they are counteracting forces, which rage everywhere and which, as following of my adversary, are also fitted out with power, because they are in bondage to him and have an effect in his will on men of this earth. And then you, who want to serve me, stand loyally to your Lord; you are to defend truth; then do not let yourselves be disconcerted because you know you speak in my name, and will also receive from me the strength because I then speak myself through you. And where my pure Gospel is so announced, there also the end of the earth is told of and that men are standing shortly before this end and therefore are to prepare themselves. And where your speeches come across resistance there you also clearly recognize the work of my adversary, and from those you are to separate and not to preach together with them, because they are not my representatives but envoys of Satan, who is very especially there at work where the light of truth gains acceptance. And he will also not succeed to put out the light because I myself radiate it down to earth, and it will enlighten the hearts of men, so that they will clearly recognize that the father talks to them who is the light from eternity. Amen. B.D. NR. 7714.


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