Materialism will be in and spirituality will be out.

Restore Science to its Rightful Place? - Comment on 2009 January 21 (2)

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2009 January 21 (2)
Does the inaugural address delivered on 20. January 2009 in Washington give us some hints? Read more:

When I read this inaugural address one statement cought my eye and that was, "We will restore science to its rightful place."

The prophecies tell us that there will be a severe fight against everything of a spiritual nature. And this implies that materialism will be in and spirituality will be out.

The word restore could mean that science was somehow threatened by spirituality and that that development has to be reversed.

This was just my thought and in what direction the thing is developing will be shown.

Then there are of course the two phases to be considered. During the first phase this aim to oust spirituality will probably be less visible than in the second phase. The first phase may rather start to expose all the falsehood that goes with religion and leave spirituality for a later time.


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