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2021 001
2021 January 1
The last decision of faith demands a strong will and much courage.
Faith decision. Confessing before the world.
And because through such a faith it is also possible, that weak men strengthen themselves by it, that they stand up to the besieging of the earthly power, but who would helplessly fail, when they miss the faith of fellowmen, whom they have thought to be believing. Read more >>

2021 002
2021 January 1 (2)
For only through serving neighbourly love you make good again the former sin.
Life task: Serving in love.
But who only relies on fellowman, he has no right claim to help, and trouble is to lead him to come to his senses, that he must change himself. Read more >>

2021 003
2021 January 1 (3)
You will remain victor in the last fight on this earth.
Hostilities. Religious warfare. Vineyard work.
For everything is prescribed by law, and since also he was once my creature, which, equipped with power and might, was active in my will - he therefore also possessed a right on the beings, which he has created through my power - I will not dispute this his right, as long as these beings want to remain with him. Read more >>

2021 004
2021 January 1 (4)
Always only let me myself be your aim.
The right will guarantees the change of nature.
No earthly and no spiritual power can force the will in a certain direction, for no matter whether man would be forced to announce a certain will outwardly - when he would also be caused by force to carry out certain acts - his most inner will - detestation or joy for the demanded act - cannot be determined; he will be and remain free and nevertheless be assessed by me. Read more >>

2021 005
2021 January 1 (5)
But you men on earth have greater influence on those souls.
Help of men with the redemption from the depth.
You have greater influence, because you appear more real to them, because you are still in those spheres, where also these souls have come from. Read more >>

2021 006
2021 January 1 (6)
Always turn to Jesus Christ, and you will drive away his opponent.
Love ability. Love willingness.
And Jesus will also kindle in you love, for the connection with him in thoughts gives him already the right, to also have an effect on your heart, and that means, that love in you flares up to a bright heat and that you now no longer must force you, but your heart drives you, because you have united yourselves with eternal love and love has now become your actual nature, as it has been at the very beginning. Read more >>

2021 007
2021 January 1 (7)
The aim, which I have once set for myself - the becoming divine of the beings, which I have created - I do not give up.
Making divine of created beings.
But I do not have an effect on you in compulsion, but in complete free will you must go the way yourselves, which leads back to me, back to perfection, which was once your share, which you gave up, but will irrevocably once reach again, because my love pursues only this one aim, that you as my children work and create in light and power and happiness in my kingdom. Read more >>

2021 008
2021 January 1 (8)
Moreover my word itself is power.
Will towards God and power of the word weapons against the enemy.
So long I am the aim, my opponent has not the smallest influence on a man, but he uses all opportunities, when man has other gods next to me - when he lets himself be captured by the world, when his love is not yet exclusively meant for me and the relationship with me has still not completely taken place. Read more >>

2021 009
2021 January 1 (9)
And where the will directs itself, that is also share of the soul.
Increased suffering in the time of the end.
But God also does not give up the world men, so long a possibility still exists to the change of the will, to the change of the thinking and the desire. Read more >>

2021 010
2021 January 1 (10)
I am spirit from eternity to eternity.
Explanation about spirit spark and soul.
These beings, having gone out from me, but having removed themselves, were dissolved, for the purpose of their future return to their start, into innumerable little spiritual particles, into innumerable substances, to which all a purpose was allocated in my entire creation - to now go a course, which securely led again upwards, back to me. Read more >>

2021 011
2021 January 1 (11)
For what you all lack is the power from me.
Contact with God - happiness. Separation - misery.
And no matter how small is the number of those, who believe my word - they are rescued from eternal death; they can become inhabitants of the paradise of the new earth, when they stand firm in the last fight on this earth. Read more >>

2021 012
2021 January 1 (12)
My spirit works always and everywhere.
The Gospel is to be spread in the whole world.
And the living Christianity will also always have a stimulating effect on fellowmen, so that they themselves feel the power of him, who is supported before the world - that also they feel drawn to the redeemer and request, to be accepted by him. Read more >>

2021 013
2021 January 1 (13)
I do not leave my child in the depth, so it requests upwards, to me.
Fulfilment of every spiritual request certain.
Earthly requests can certainly remain unfulfilled for you, because I know about its detrimental effect on your soul - but I ignore no spiritual request, and on its fulfilment you can reckon with full confidence. Read more >>

2021 014
2021 January 1 (14)
Love is divine; it is my original element.
God's will: Principle of love.
For self-interest is self-love, a wrong love, which you are only allowed to cherish in a quite small measure in your heart - in a degree, which secures the preservation of your body, so long as it has to fulfil the task - to be bearer of your soul. Read more >>

2021 015
2021 January 1 (15)
I look out over the earthly and the spiritual kingdom.
Urgent vineyard work.
And for that reason you do not just work for the earth time of men, but often the seed only comes up in the hereafter, but that soul is redeemed, to which you brought my word, provided it does not completely belong to my opponent on earth. Read more >>

2021 016
2021 January 1 (16)
It longs for the original source of light and power.
Longing of a mature soul for God.
But a purified soul also helps until the end the body to purification, which was added to it for maturation, and many spiritual substances can join the soul, when it flees from its cover, to enter into that kingdom, where it is now free of every fetter and will live in happiness. Read more >>

2021 017
2021 January 1 (17)
Let yourselves be carried along by my spirit.
Leading by the spirit. Vineyard work.
I direct his steps right; I lead him through the spirit; I put the right words into the mouth. I myself fill him with light and power, so that he is also able, to go into the darkness as light bearer, and that he may succeed, to chase darkness away. Read more >>

2021 018
2021 January 1 (18)
These souls are able to do nothing without Jesus Christ.
Redemption work for the souls. Intercession.
Only rarely a soul is so stubborn, that it returns into the depth, when it has once felt the favour of light and power with you. Read more >>

2021 019
2021 January 1 (19)
God's will is therefore only the adopting to the eternal order, which therefore causes constant love work.
God's will: Adapting to the eternal order.
The will of the most perfect being can always only be good, full of love and wisdom. Read more >>

2021 020
2021 January 1 (20)
Every guilt is an offence against the eternal order.
Clearing off guilt up to the farthing.
Evil will always only give birth to evil - and no bad deed remains without effect. Read more >>

2021 021
2021 January 5
He has overcome death.
Life and death. Jesus Christ redeemer.
For he has shown to men, how man can acquire the life of the soul, which lasts for ever. Read more >>

2021 022
2021 January 5 (2)
But I am also a loving father, who also enlightens his children in worldly questions, when I see the purity of such questions.
Receipt of the word. Protection of truth.
But if possible you are to ask few of such questions, because the deviating of your thoughts into worldly areas also opens access for my opponent to you, particularly then, when you let yourselves be captivated by such thoughts - because then my voice in you no longer penetrates and instead of it you hear other sounds - in accordance with your most inner desire. Read more >>

2021 023
2021 January 5 (3)
If you request my favour, so you also open your hearts to receive.
Requesting favour in free will.
Every man needs me, if he wants to proceed upwards, because alone he is too weak. Read more >>

2021 024
2021 January 5 (4)
And you are to impart my word to them.
Mission of the servants of God on earth.
For the origin of this word now imparted to them cannot be explained earthly and naturally. Read more >>

2021 025
2021 January 5 (5)
As soon as you do good out of the most inner urge, I am already in you.
God is in me. Love activity.
The love spark glows in every man as my share, but so long completely ineffective, as it is not kindled - what man's own will must do, but he then remains connected with me for ever. Read more >>

2021 026
2021 January 8
But this power can only have an effect on you, when you accept it and use right.
Readiness to the receipt of means of favour.
The body is to willingly give full expression to my word, which as distributor of power for the soul is my most valuable present of favour - or also, man is to not just be a hearer, but a doer of my word. Read more >>

2021 027
2021 January 8 (2)
And this spiritual can therefore cover a faster course of development.
Redeemed at the end. Inhabitants of the new earth.
Because the time has to be used well while my opponent is still bound in chains - while he has no access to men of the earth because the power and the light of the redeemed is so strong that he is prevented from all approach to men. Read more >>

2021 028
2021 January 8 (3)
Irrevocably comes the recall from this earth for every man.
Fear of death.
But all men stand before this hour, and no-one can extend for himself life for only one day - the hour of departing from this earth is planned for eternity, and the soul must give way to the divine law. Read more >>

2021 029
2021 January 8 (4)
You can come to cognition, but the will for it you must summon yourselves.
Recognizing and receiving depends on the will.
And I will also let no request be unfulfilled, which is meant for the aim, that you reach perfection. Read more >>

2021 030
2021 January 8 (5)
Earth is in its last time of existence in its present form.
End. Transformation and new creation.
Throughout times I have pointed out to men that a new earth and a new heaven will arise. Read more >>

2021 031
2021 January 10
Consider that, you men, that you stand shortly before your perfection.
God reveals himself again and again as love.
Everything is suitable to this end, to let men seek the connection in thoughts with their creator and father from eternity. Read more >>

2021 032
2021 January 10 (2)
You men have no idea of the size of your guilt.
Good Friday. Love.
Love won the victory over Satan, who is destitute of all love and for that reason powerless, where only with the weapon of love is fought. Read more >>

2021 033
2021 January 10 (3)
I have endured all that, what you yourselves would have to suffer.
Suffering and dying.
And the day of my unspeakable sufferings and of my dying on the cross became for you men the day of redemption of all guilt. Read more >>

2021 034
2021 January 10 (4)
And death is everything, what is far from God.
Death and resurrection. Life.
I have risen from the dead; I have supplied to you men the proof, that also you can rise to life, although you suffer earthly death. Read more >>

2021 035
2021 January 10 (5)
But you have to work non-stop.
Fighting time before the end. Difficulties.
It will well be a war, which you wage against yourselves, but only until you become engrossed in my word - until you let myself speak to you. Read more >>

2021 036
2021 January 13
You all still have the opportunity to change.
Responsibility before God's seat of judgement.
Comply with the admonition, which sounds to you from above; do not be lukewarm and indifferent, because you think the day of departure still being far. Read more >>

2021 037
2021 January 13 (2)
You are to get to know me myself as a God of love, wisdom and power.
God's word: Love teaching. Real announcers.
Earth life as man is only given to you for the purpose, that you return on your previous way, that you turn to another way, what always then happens, when you practise love. Read more >>

2021 038
2021 January 13 (3)
But without truth no-one can be happy.
Spreading of truth. Living faith.
Truth is a divine gift, which irrevocably leads to happiness and is also offered to everyone, who does not close his mind to it. Read more >>

2021 039
2021 January 13 (4)
To stand in the light means for all men and also for the souls in the spiritual kingdom fortune and happiness.
Divine love light. Light bearers.
And who serves me as light bearer, he is to use his whole strength for the spreading of the light, which radiates down from above to earth he is not to shrink from speaking openly about it, that he himself is in contact with God, and also receives from him an obvious sign of the presence. Read more >>

2021 040
2021 January 13 (5)
For earth time is given you for the testing of the will.
Jesus took all suffering upon himself. Why suffering?
And to influence your will in this way, you must go through trouble and misery - unless your will completely belongs to me and allows no influencing any more through my opponent. Read more >>

2021 041
2021 January 17
You all can acquire them for yourselves.
Gifts of the spirit. Prerequisites.
They cannot be given to you as presents; they must be acquired through obeying of my command of love for God and the neighbour - through a life according to my will. Read more >>

2021 042
2021 January 17 (2)
But they cannot avoid their judgement.
Sin punishment? Lot for which one is oneself responsible.
And who sinned, he must also bear the consequences of sin, because this is in accordance with my law of the eternal order. Read more >>

2021 043
2021 January 17 (3)
But irrevocably the day comes, where you must end earth life.
End for all. Positive and negative success.
And then all spiritual is again fitted in anew; it is again moved into that outer form, which is in accordance with its degree of maturity. Read more >>

2021 044
2021 January 17 (4)
But you men do not know the day and the hour of the end.
God has fixed the day of the end.
But however you men behave, however you adapt to me or to the word presented to you - through your behaviour you do not determine my will; you do not halt the end, on the contrary you always give more cause that is fulfilled, what is predicted through seers and prophets. Read more >>

2021 045
2021 January 17 (5)
The creation was only the result of the attitude of the first created being.
Redemption of Lucifer. Resistance to the test of will.
But the work of creation was an act of favour and mercy at the fallen spiritual - to which also the first fallen spirit could have submitted itself, when it would have given up its will and also let itself be drawn upwards by me. Read more >>

2021 046
2021 January 21
The contrast emerges very strong between these and the representatives of the world.
Greatest danger of falling into the depth.
For that reason my servants also find no faith with you, for they are for you completely unknown processes and states which expect you, so you live against my will. Read more >>

2021 047
2021 January 21 (2)
My love is meant for all my creatures.
Meaning of the word judgement. Justice.
My justice does not eliminate my love, but as however also the other way round my love is not to be thought without my justice. Read more >>

2021 048
2021 January 21 (3)
The disaster only exists in that respect, that you are mostly lukewarm and indifferent.
Desire for truth guarantees truth.
Man is not defencelessly at the mercy of error, therefore of my opponent - it will bounce off him, as soon as his desire is just meant for pure truth. Read more >>

2021 049
2021 January 21 (4)
But you fight for me and my name, and because of that you will also enjoy my protection.
God's protection for his fighters and servants.
It will always be fought against truth and consequently also against you, you who spread truth, and that is the weapon of my opponent, that he camouflages himself as announcer of truth and that he will find far more followers than you, you wo receive truth from me myself. Read more >>

2021 050
2021 January 21 (5)
A spiritual turning point on this earth can no longer take place.
Spiritual turning point. Coming up of night.
But no faith is at the time of the end, no understanding to be found for it, it is a spiritual low, one almost could not think of it as being worse, because you men do not overlook what lies openly before me; you men have to believe what cannot be proved to you, and the forthcoming ending of this earth period also belongs to this, which is of great importance spiritually. Read more >>

2021 051
2021 January 24
Real light comes from the inside.
Truth cannot be stopped.
You yourselves must strive for truth, to be able to warm up in its gleam of light; I do not push forth with truth, when you yourselves develop no desire for it - and so you do not have to fear my opponent, but just you yourselves, when you remain lukewarm and indifferent towards truth and by this means mark yourselves to a friend of my opponent, because you fulfil his desire. Read more >>

2021 052
2021 January 24 (2)
I have initiated you to my plan of salvation from eternity.
The task to spread truth presupposes receiving of truth through God.
But I have imparted to you that knowledge only for the sake of one purpose: to spread it under men, so that they hear the pure truth, which goes out from me and is to be sent to them unaltered. Read more >>

2021 053
2021 January 24 (3)
No worldly knowledge can satisfy a man so, as the spiritual knowledge does it.
God's plan of salvation proves his love.
Nothing is arbitrary; every happening is based on my love and wisdom; everything serves the perfection of the spiritual; it serves its return and the perfection, for my aim is the becoming divine of all beings, which have once been created by me. Read more >>

2021 054
2021 January 24 (4)
And when he lives in love.
Union with God secures his protection.
A great power lies in thinking of me, which you can let have an effect at any time, which is why therefore nothing painfully will touch you and no danger can threaten you, as long as you remain in union with me in the heart. Read more >>

2021 055
2021 January 24 (5)
It is your own fault that you men walk in the night.
Supply of the divine word. God's act of favour.
Only love awakens in men the desire for joining together with eternal love itself. Read more >>

2021 055
2021 January 24 (5)
It is your own fault that you men walk in the night.
Supply of the divine word. God's act of favour.
Only love awakens in men the desire for joining together with eternal love itself. Read more >>

2021 056
2021 January 26
You men mostly do not know it, what the earth journey through life as man means for you.
Man stands shortly before the aim.
And because you are without knowledge, the danger is great that you do not utilize earth life as man and the last possibility, to reach the final freedom, remains unused. Read more >>

2021 057
2021 January 26 (2)
No hundred per cent proofs from the opposite kingdom can be given to you.
Inadequate sense of responsibility. Inadequate faith.
It is truly made easy for you men, to win faith in a continuation of life, for you will still experience much, what seems supernatural to you, but is only allowed for that reason, that you take stock of yourselves and from now on only remember your soul, that you learn to believe and still eagerly create until the end, that the soul may reach life in "light" and happiness. Read more >>

2021 058
2021 January 26 (3)
But innumerable souls arise out of the depth.
Redemption of the souls from the depth before the end.
The divine love always sends them more increased into the depth, and many souls feel their favour, and their resistance becomes always weaker - until they have the desire in the end to expose themselves to the light radiation, until they always expect them more and follow them - while others still flee more into darkness to not being touched by it. Read more >>

2021 059
2021 January 26 (4)
I will be their father and they my children.
Seeing face to face.
Only a being filled with love can bear my presence in the kingdom of happy spirits, without passing, for it has now become equal to me, and it can see me face to face. Read more >>

2021 060
2021 January 26 (5)
At the beginning of the embodiment both - soul and spirit - are still separated.
Body. Soul. Spirit. Unification task.
Men must voluntarily return to God; voluntarily they must change self-love living in them to unselfish neighbourly love and by this means carry out the uniting of their soul with the spirit. Read more >>

2021 061
2021 January 28
Follow the inner urge.
Divine guidance through the spirit.
And for that reason you cannot expect being enlightened or guided by my spirit, when you yourselves still place yourselves will wise away from me, although you believe that I am - only your will, being closely connected to me, results in the work of my spirit in you, and then your earth walk is no longer without governing, then everything approaches you so, as my love recognizes it as good for you and your perfection. Read more >>

2021 062
2021 January 28 (2)
And every man also knows it, what is just.
Voice of conscience. Feeling. Right way.
Feeling and intellect alone can show you the right way, when you lack truthful instructions or church instructions do not appeal to you, because their origin seems doubtful to you. Read more >>

2021 063
2021 January 28 (3)
You are to be tirelessly active.
Admonition to eager vineyard work.
And for that reason I direct the call to you, to remember the many, who are still weak in faith, and to help them, that also they seek the strengthening there, where you have found it - with me myself, I who can now also be with every individual and lead him out through all dangers - that I can constantly give them power, because they connect themselves with me and believingly ask me for it. Read more >>

2021 064
2021 January 28 (4)
They remain two separated kingdoms, the earthly and the spiritual kingdom.
Happy or dark lot. Proofs. Jesus Christ.
And no proofs can be brought to you, for out of your own drive you are to acquire happiness; you are to live freely out of yourselves so, as it is the will of God. Read more >>

2021 065
2021 January 28 (5)
But your faith in my help lets you bravely await all.
Strength of faith necessary in last struggle.
That is why you will never ask for my help in vain; I will always be prepared to help you in all trouble - that is why you are just to turn to me trustingly, whatever it may be. Read more >>

2021 066
2021 January 30
I help, wherever my help is requested.
No intercession in vain for opposite souls.
For that reason I help all, who you recommend to me, for whom you pray, and I free them from their trouble - for my love never stops; my love includes all my creatures; my love wants that they all are happy. Read more >>

2021 067
2021 January 30 (2)
And mankind faces ruin.
Beginning and end of redemption period is far apart.
The knowing man who has understanding observes everything with different eyes and he only finds out that everything happens according to God's law. Read more >>

2021 068
2021 January 30 (3)
For the word only becomes alive with my support.
Task of the disciples: Announcing of the love teaching.
To be able to teach right, the teacher must stand deeply in knowledge, and so I give you the task, to go out and to teach fellowmen, I will also give you the knowledge needed for it, and I will impart it to you through the spirit. Read more >>

2021 069
2021 January 30 (4)
Through this little spirit spark man can stand in constant contact with me.
Becoming divine. Spirit spark.
You are to be active in my will and still out of your own drive, not determined by my will, only then you are my children, only then you are happily connected to me for ever. Read more >>

2021 070
2021 January 30 (5)
I myself am present to you, as soon as my spirit can have an effect in you.
Pouring out of the spirit.
But I gave you the intellect; I gave you the ability being able to think - and by virtue of this ability you can give an affirmative answer to me; by virtue of the intellect you can recognize a power, which called everything into life, what surrounds you, and to which also you owe your existence. Read more >>

2021 071
2021 February 3
Every thought which you direct spiritually will be blessed.
Calm before the storm. Prepared fighters.
But the ones who are mine are to prepare themselves because the fight will be severe, which is waged for the sake of my name. Read more >>

2021 072
2021 February 3 (2)
But the closer you come to me, the more you are radiated through by my love.
God's limitless love. Return.
But my love is also explanation for every hardship, for disasters and natural destructions. Read more >>

2021 073
2021 February 3 (3)
For you yourselves are now just executioners of my will, but in full freedom.
Subordination of the will. Responsibility.
Then all assassination attempts bounce off you; then you close your eyes to the attractions of the world,; then you only live for me and in me; then all your thoughts are directed towards your spiritual perfection; then only the contact with me attracts you, and you work is undivided directed at spiritual aims only. Read more >>

2021 074
2021 February 3 (4)
For distance from God means inevitably hardening of the spiritual substance.
Distance from God and wrong attitude towards him.
There is no life any more in the churches, which are to testify to God; there is no spirit in them, and the spirit can for that reason not be in men, because no love is anymore in them, because love alone decreases the distance from God and without love the chasm is almost unbridgeable. Read more >>

2021 075
2021 February 3 (5)
With me you will be able to overcome everything.
Power and effect of the divine word.
I admonish you to give full expression to my word. Read more >>

2021 076
2021 February 5
But until this happens eternities will still pass.
Redemption of Lucifer. Homecoming of the prodigal son.
But when he oversteps the limits of his authority, then I bind him, what will always happen at the end of a redemption period, that I put him in fetters anew so that the one which voluntarily heads for me is not endangered - but to always again set him free from this, when he is again to serve me, even if unconsciously, that the spiritual reaches the last maturity. Read more >>

2021 077
2021 February 5 (2)
The smallest creature possesses my love.
Strokes of fate. Love of the father.
But believe in my love, and believe that always only love determines me to my work, that with every happening I always only aim to achieve you becoming happy. Read more >>

2021 078
2021 February 5 (3)
That man will never lack power for the ascent, who wants to undertake this voluntarily.
Connection with God. Secure ascent.
For already the will towards me chases away the obstacles, and I bless your will through the supply of power. Read more >>

2021 079
2021 February 5 (4)
I cannot look after you, when you turn away from me.
Separation - misery. Come unto me, all.
And you can receive everything from me, but always only then, when you yourselves come to me and requesting stretch out your hands towards me, that I fill them. Read more >>

2021 080
2021 February 5 (5)
But I pay no attention to thoughtless prayers.
Right prayer and service.
And you believe to pay tribute to me with empty pomp, with ceremonial acts, with a service outwardly. Read more >>

2021 081
2021 February 7
And you must strive for and manage this becoming free yourselves.
Right direction of the will - Complete freedom.
Everything is done to cause you to the right decision of the will, but your will remains free, and when you therefore strive for the depth again, so it will also become yours - but as you will also reach the height infallibly, when your will decides for it. Read more >>

2021 082
2021 February 7 (2)
And that is why a powerful shock will loosen what is bound.
Reshaping of earth. Eruptions.
The change will extend into the deepest depths because much spiritual is to be released and is to continue its course of development in new form. Read more >>

2021 083
2021 February 7 (3)
For that is law, that my gifts only penetrate into an opened heart.
Opening of the heart for spiritual gifts.
The intellect is certainly also to get active and digest that received by the heart, so that it may become the spiritual property of man. Read more >>

2021 084
2021 February 7 (4)
Out of the mouth of your leader you must hear of the significance of the work of redemption.
Spiritual leaders on earth. Jesus Christ.
And so you will also be able to judge, which one is the right teaching: only that, which puts the work of redemption of Christ first. Read more >>

2021 085
2021 February 7 (5)
For my word is food for the soul.
God's address.
And again and again I will find the access into opened hearts of men, who happily accept, what I offer them, who feel hunger and thirst and are to be refreshed with the right food and the right drink. Read more >>

2021 086
2021 February 9
Man must now fight against every desire, which is meant for matter.
Fight against desires and passions.
As soon as man's bodily senses delight on it, they are desires, which find their fulfilment earthly. Read more >>

2021 087
2021 February 9 (2)
You have to do everything - but really everything - with me.
Examining of spiritual goods is necessary.
That is his work, to train servants for himself who feign the same: to talk to men in divine mission. Read more >>

2021 088
2021 February 9 (3)
You can therefore also live completely carefree on earth.
With what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
And if help is to be brought to men, so this has to happen first in a spiritual way, that they hear, what is the cause of their trouble - that men must first make an effort, to meet each other in love, that they are to always pay more attention to fellowmen than to their own trouble, because help is sent to them themselves in the same measure, as they want to help. Read more >>

2021 089
2021 February 9 (4)
And only the humble man goes the way to me.
Rulers of fate. God of love.
The arrogant cannot believe, because he does not want to believe, because he wants to acknowledge no power above him, to which he is to submit himself. Read more >>

2021 090
2021 February 9 (5)
For that reason do not rebel against your fate, whatever it may bring.
Strokes of fate. Remedy.
The more trouble and sorrow, misery and illness on earth is visible, the worse are the violations of my order, and out of the trouble itself you men can see it, on which low you have arrived, for I would truly prefer to know men in happiness than to let hard plagues come over them unwarrantedly, to re-establish my eternal order. Read more >>

2021 091
2021 February 13
Turn away from the world.
Time of the end.
And the time periods are always so calculated that they are well enough for the complete redemption of the spiritual, but that they also are not allowed to be too long for the ones who are failing, because they sink all the time further and then the return to me becomes more and more difficult and agonizing, because the means for redemption of this spiritual are corresponding to the distance to me. Read more >>

2021 092
2021 February 13 (2)
And so you do not need to seek me in the distance.
God's presence and expression.
Everybody, who is willing to hear me, he will also hear me, and every thought turned towards me now also secures him his own thinking according to my will. Read more >>

2021 093
2021 February 13 (3)
For my opponent works with a great deal of cunning.
God's loving address.
But one short thought of me is enough to chase him away, and this thought you can send up to me at any time, and a delicious peace will embrace you, which I myself sink into your heart, so you loyally keep in with me and are not submissive to the opponent. Read more >>

2021 094
2021 February 13 (4)
Your power would never be sufficient, to reach again the former perfection.
Effective means of favour.
And now always new power flows towards you, the more often you let me speak to you, the more opened your heart is to receive my word, the more you want that I address you, and in the desire for my word you now also utilize the unusual gift of favour - by you obeying, what I tell you to do, and so therefore step by step go upwards with the success of completely breaking away from the world, which held you tied up throughout eternal times. Read more >>

2021 095
2021 February 13 (5)
Only that being, that was equipped with intellect and free will, can be called man.
Development of earth and man.
The first man, who could take full responsibility for his acting and thinking, was Adam - although manlike beings were represented already before Adam in all parts of the earth, which carried out already much instinctively, whereto human thinking is suspected, but which were still driven through spiritual intelligences, which therefore also served the spiritual striving upwards as cover and now carried out in the mandatory state, what was necessary for the development of the creation earth - as stay for future man. Read more >>

2021 096
2021 February 17
But only truth leads to God.
Lethargy in thinking.
If the longing for truth would be more found among men, it would truly not be such a great spiritual darkness among them, for their thinking would be directed right as result of the longing for truth. Read more >>

2021 097
2021 February 17 (2)
Leave everything full of faith to me.
Divine guidance.
For when he wants to serve me, then I also serve him, and that both spiritually as well as earthly. Read more >>

2021 098
2021 February 17 (3)
You can get no pleasure from things, which are material.
Earthly world passage to true home.
But the transitoriness of the earthly material goods is so often put before the eyes, that it truly should not be difficult for you, to strive for that, what is immortal. Read more >>

2021 099
2021 February 17 (4)
But many men need very long time for this cognition.
Transitoriness. Destructions.
And for that reason also destructions of all kind are a blessing in a certain meaning, because men lose their material possession in this way and are again and again referred to the transitoriness of the earthly, and the most severe accidents or natural disasters can bring in to men an extreme great spiritual advantage, for God helps them, even so in a painful way, to separate themselves from that, what chains them to earth, so that they find the way upwards easier. Read more >>

2021 100
2021 February 17 (5)
And as this fight is waged under the application of the most brutal means of enforcement.
Last faith decision.
They will need to suffer only a very short time and will be so exceptionally strengthened by me also in this time that they do not regret their decision but cheer and rejoice inside on account of the certainty of my love, power and glory. Read more >>



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