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2019 001
2019 January 1
The freedom of will permits the way upwards as also downwards.
Free will original law from eternity - Attaining salvation
Worlds will pass before the last spiritual has performed this change of will. Read more >>

2019 002
2019 January 1 (2)
It is my word that remains until all eternity.
Unusual gift of favour - Task of serving
You yourselves will never lack power, for you receive it directly from me in the form of my perpetual word sent to you, which does not let you become weak, which lets you fight joyfully and which effects also the brothers in the enemy camp recognize. For they are your brothers, as long as they still need help, as long as they do not put themselves openly against me, but are just hired supporters of my opponent. Read more >>

2019 003
2019 January 1 (3)
Every man must work on himself.
Earth life purpose: Change of will and nature
For so you are not suitable to enter the kingdom of light, because I also will not and cannot destroy you, because you have emerged out of me, so you must carry out your change in another way, and that can also mean a deep fall and a slow ascent development according to my plan from eternity, when the possibility of maturing in the hereafter is taken from you. Read more >>

2019 004
2019 January 1 (4)
You need to lack nothing.
God makes demands, but also gives all means to attain salvation
He has given you the intellect, life power and free will and as most important addition unlimited supply of favour, by virtue of which you can do everything, what you want. Read more >>

2019 005
2019 January 1 (5)
The world lives in sin.
The last day comes suddenly and unexpectedly
The satanic behaviour of your fellow human beings betrays also the hour of the world clock to you. Read more >>

2019 006
2019 January 6
My word will never be incomprehensible to him seriously desiring it.
Godís word incomprehensible? Prerequisite.
The power of Satan is great, but no man can be forced by him into his area of darkness, so he seeks light and strives towards the light. Read more >>

2019 007
2019 January 6 (2)
In the New Testament you read Godís word.
New Testament and appendix
But moreover it will always be possible for man of awakened spirit to recognize, what is divine and what has been added by the human side. Read more >>

2019 008
2019 January 6 (3)
A bad man is always given the opportunity for reflection.
Man is responsible for the will
What is directed against the divine will is evil, and man also feels that as bad, for he acts mostly secretly, as soon as he is in the circle of men, who make the divine will their business. Read more >>

2019 009
2019 January 6 (4)
There is no second way than via truth.
I am the way, the truth, and the life
But you can only receive the truth from me because it has its beginning in me and therefore also leads back to me. Read more >>

2019 010
2019 January 6 (5)
You must constantly make it your business to increase your state of maturity.
What comes from above must radiate light
For that reason every man filled with the spirit will testify in some way to me and for me Ė he will heal the sick, which believe in me; he will hear my voice and can therefore preach being filled by my spirit; he will prophesy, i.e. being able to see into the future, but as he can also see through the thoughts of his fellowmen; he will know about things, which fellowman does not know, however always inform about only, where the salvation of the soul of men is endangered, as each one man filled with the spirit will use his spiritual gift for the spiritual life only, for me and my kingdom. Read more >>

2019 011
2019 January 9
But it can also fragment itself again, i.e. strive downwards.
Infinite love and patience of God in the development of the spiritual
The leading back of the spiritual to him is a process, which requires endless long time, because the individual substances must first find themselves again, which as tiny entities were once banished in the works of creation, and this finding itself and uniting goes on in the state of bound will. Read more >>

2019 012
2019 January 9 (2)
No man can serve me and the world at the same time.
No man can serve two masters
But they are no two equal good lords, between whom he is to decide, but the one rules the kingdom of light, the other the kingdom of darkness. Read more >>

2019 013
2019 January 9 (3)
But this will can experience a strengthening through intercession.
Change of will through intercession
Because of that these souls must be dealt with loving patience; they must have always and always again supply of power through prayer; they must be called near through loving thoughts and therefore again and again be snatched from their dark area; they must receive mental enlightenment and references to Jesus, their redeemer, so that they themselves turn to him and call him for help and mercy. Read more >>

2019 014
2019 January 9 (4)
Just pull off all self-love from you.
Love is the key to the spiritual kingdom
Try it, and you will experience the truth of my word; you will increase in power and light; you will rise above all earthly suffering, which concerns you yourselves; nothing will touch you, what before appeared as pressure to you; you will feel the power of love at yourselves, and the happiness of the joining together with me, which you establish through every love work, will be compensation for you thousand fold for that, what you have given up. Read more >>

2019 015
2019 January 9 (5)
Through love you can become powerful.
Divine principle: Love
For everything, what God has created, what has emerged out of his love is to live, i.e. be active uninterruptedly. Read more >>



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