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2018 001
2018 January 4
You will find everything what makes you happy.
Happy lot of the mature and state of the imperfect in the hereafter
Because the state in the hereafter of the still imperfect beings can certainly be described, because it does not differ much from that on earth, so that the souls often think still living on earth, and that throughout long times. Read more >>


2018 002
2018 January 5
Through love the man Jesus had entered the association with Me.
Childbirth of Christ and reason
My body was pure human; only that it was inhabited by a light soul, but from which all reminiscence was taken initially, until the unification with me through love had taken place. Only then the soul recognized itself and its mission. Read more >>


2018 003
2018 January 5 (2)
In the time of the end an extraordinary numerous embodiment of light souls on earth takes place.
Embodiment of many souls in the time of the end
And therefore this is a characteristic of those, who are from above, that they eagerly take part in the spreading of the divine word, but please note – of that word, that started in the spiritual kingdom. Read more >>


2018 004
2018 January 9
But truth is God.
Lie - Truth - Fighting of error
Where the lie is, there the adversary has the upper hand, and the soul is endangered. And because of that, God trains his fighters, so that they crusade against the lie, so that they stand up for truth and ruthlessly denounce the error as product of the adversary. Read more >>


2018 005
2018 January 10
Uncover with no regard the results of an incorrect thinking and also the results of false teachings.
Special mission: Fighting for truth
Where lie and error have taken root in the hearts of men, there the work of cleansing can only be carried out with ruthless violence – the representative of truth must unsparingly uncover everything, what contradicts pure truth, and for that reason he must possess himself, what he wants to bring to fellowman. Read more >>


2018 006
2018 January 13
An earth life without hardship and suffering also decreases the maturation possibilities.
Laborious way up - Earthly payment
Endure everything what is imposed on you, and increase your spiritual goods, when earthly trouble presses you, so that you will be rewarded in the spiritual kingdom and do not need to live in want there. Read more >>


2018 007
2018 January 14
The spirit wants to announce itself to the soul.
Pouring out of the spirit
Obstacles therefore exist only on the side of man, by his willingness flagging, although that is only a temporary state, because a man, who has once been touched by spiritual currents in that way, that he was allowed to hear the expression of God through the light beings, never wants to miss this spiritual voice anymore and again and again opens the spiritual ear, because the soul drives him to it – or also the spirit. Read more >>


2018 008
2018 January 14 (2)
But faith they will again only find there, where love works.
God’s word gift of favour - Unbelief in connection with God
Whether he now hears me directly or my word is imparted to him through my servants, is the same in its effect, because he will recognize the word imparted to him and feel as spoken by me and accept it in him with the same love, as if he is deemed worthy of a direct address from me. Read more >>


2018 009
2018 January 14 (3)
Faith in me leads to prayer, which there is the surest bridge to me.
Cleft and bridge - New banishment - Love circuit
Innumerable men walk past this bridge and also, who should be their leaders, often do not find the bridge themselves, because their words are without life, because they go ways, which cannot serve as bridge, ways, which again and again lead back to the start; because they are just words, which do not come from the heart in prayer and therefore also do not touch my ear, therefore the bridge is not set foot on, which is the only way, which leads over the cleft to me. Read more >>


2018 010
2018 January 15
He is completely protected from evil influence.
Who is he, who reveals himself? - God the eternal light
But who is of a humble heart, who offers his services to me, who asks me for help and favour, who renounces the world and strives to fulfil my will, he gives no target to the enemy of his soul; he is completely seized by me and protected from evil influence, because I know about his will. Read more >>


2018 011
2018 January 16
Jesus Christ helps these souls in the fight against the opponent.
Acknowledging of Jesus Christ necessary
Man is the product of a creation power turned away from God, i.e., a being, which God supplied extremely richly with power, used this power again for the creation of beings, which bore in them his will turned away from God. Read more >>


2018 012
2018 January 16 (2)
Faith in the love and omnipotence of God is a sure means for the remedy of all trouble.
Purpose – God’s proofs of his love, omnipotence and wisdom
The omnipotence of God knows no limits, and the love of God is without end and of a depth, which is incomprehensible for you men, but which you can feel, when you believingly entrust yourselves to him. Read more >>


2018 013
2018 January 16 (3)
I speak to men in a way that everyone can understand me.
Divine revelations: Knowledge - Help - Creation - Word
The greatest revelation however always remains my word, which is heard through the inner voice audibly or mentally. Read more >>


2018 014
2018 January 16 (4)
My nearness triggers the highest bliss in it.
Happiness of the soul only in joining together with God
What a soul finds in union with me, compensates it for all trouble during its long course of development on earth and for all suffering in earth life as man. Read more >>


2018 015
2018 January 17
But my love includes all my creatures.
Measure of favour unlimited - No preferential treatment of the individual
I am always prepared to pour out favours over every man, but not all are willing to receive them, to open themselves to the flow of favours and to bath in them. Read more >>


2018 016
2018 January 19
The spiritual marriage with me presupposes love from both sides.
Spiritual marriage
Only when the love of my creatures and therefore particularly of man, has reached a degree, which can bear the weakest degree of my love, the union, the spiritual marriage with me, takes place, which truly is the highest happiness for the soul of man, because my love power can now continually flow over and the soul is in this way blissfully happy. Read more >>


2018 017
2018 January 20
Nevertheless a servant taught by God must use his ability.
Teachers must be taught by God himself
The servant taught by God is in possession of truth, what would also not be conceivable otherwise, and he will be able to give answer to every question; he will be able to work enlightening, where there is still darkness, because his thinking is illuminated by God, and like lightning he becomes aware of every wrong doctrine, every erroneous faith principle, and just as fast also of the correction of that what exerts poisoning influence as error on men. Read more >>


2018 018
2018 January 20 (2)
But the ascent development is the result of a way of life according to the will of God.
Justice of God - Guilt and atonement - Subjection - redemption
The love of the God-man Jesus was so strong, that it was satisfaction to the eternal divinity, which longed for the love of all men. He gave his blood for the sins of mankind; he extinguished the sin with his blood, but please note – only of those, who acknowledge him and his work of redemption and want to belong to the crowd of the redeemed, otherwise all spiritual would already be redeemed, but could then not reach the state of perfection, which depends on the free test of will. Read more >>


2018 019
2018 January 21
But I remain with you in spirit.
Disfigurement of the pure teaching of Christ - Free will
I was and am always present, where the door of the heart is opened to me and residence prepared. And there I will also always speak words of love and truth, and who therefore hears me in the heart, who lets me speak to him through the spirit, he will always stand in pure truth and does not need to fear, that he receives untruth. Read more >>


2018 020
2018 January 21 (2)
Very soon you will think of my word and recognize in me him, who rules the world.
Announcement of judgement - Forbearance of God
Today you can still live in the midst of the bustle of the world in pleasure and joy, and tomorrow already a horror can fill you in the face of the destruction around you, you who stay alive. Read more >>


2018 021
2018 January 21 (3)
The spiritual low of men causes a dissolving.
Spiritual change - Last Judgement
And so mankind also now does not want to believe, that it stands shortly before the ending of an earth period, and it does not recognize the great danger, which lies in wait for it – it does not know it or does not want to believe it, that the earth devours all of them, who are still closely connected with matter, so that they completely forget God about it. Read more >>


2018 022
2018 January 21 (4)
Where the beings have given up their bad habits and no longer seek to tear each other to pieces.
State in the hereafter
Moreover it is no longer bound to time and space; it can stay where it wants and put itself both in past and future. There is no space and time law for it, as soon as the soul has become perfect, therefore has found entrance into the kingdom of light. Read more >>


2018 023
2018 January 21 (5)
You are therefore not allowed to expect a bodily feeling of power.
Favour of inner enlightenment
Even so the faith tests of my servants on earth are not been spared, so I do not let them really become unable to the work, by me diminishing the life power for them. Read more >>


2018 024
2018 January 21 (6)
A will submitting to me does not need such strong means of upbringing.
God's plan of salvation
The conclusion of an earth period is therefore timed and cannot be put off by human will, but human will can shape the way of the end of a development phase to a less painful one when he would be willing to submit to my will so that a destruction of the old earth would more befall the spiritual that is still bound in the creation while the man who tries to live according to my will could earn the reward for this in a painless going over to the spiritual kingdom or also in the sudden transfer onto a newly born creation. Read more >>


2018 025
2018 January 21 (7)
Innumerable development phases are necessary, so a being remains particularly stubborn in the resistance to him.
Purpose of creation – Re-engendering into matter
The re-engendering into solid matter only occurs then, when a creation period has found its conclusion, when therefore all creations release the spiritual, they are dissolved through God’s will for this purpose, what means destruction of the work of creation, where the ascent development has started. Read more >>


2018 026
2018 January 23
Only who stays with me, his aim is secure – it is eternal life.
Who does not forsake God, him also he does not forsake
Who chooses me as his companion, his power will truly not flag, because life flows out from me and to him, who walks with me, because he loves me. Read more >>


2018 027
2018 January 24
Then the rescuer comes from above as it has been announced.
Lack of faith and devils of the end-time - Faith struggle - The coming of the Lord
When the time has come where Satan is ruling visibly then also the end is no longer far because also this has been announced that the world is full of devils at the end and men will also behave like devils that do not believe and therefore bitterly challenge the believers. Read more >>


2018 028
2018 January 24 (2)
I therefore also come to the unworthy and approach him through the word.
God’s extraordinary gift of favour
I let much favour flow down to you, but you are not allowed to withdraw from this flow of favour; you must open yourselves that the favour may flow in the midst of your heart, then you will feel my love; you will give full expression to my word; the soul will have the advantage; it will mature in a short time; it will love me again with all power and as a result be filled with power itself. Read more >>


2018 029
2018 January 24 (3)
Consequently you just need to be good and helpful to the neighbour.
Strong faith result of love
Then the union with me takes place; then the spiritual life has become reality for you, while the earthly life passes you by like a state of dreaming, then you are so firmly connected to me, that a separation from me is no longer possible, then you can no longer speak of faith, but everything is knowledge for you, cognition, light. Read more >>


2018 030
2018 January 24 (4)
But their will and their loyalty they must give me.
Need of reapers at the time of harvest
There is much work in my vineyard; there are many uncultivated fields; that are the hearts of man, which are to be made receptive for a sowing, for the Gospel, which starts with me and is to lead men back to me. Read more >>


2018 031
2018 January 25
So first condition is that a man wants to serve me.
Devoting time sacrificingly to God and spiritual work
Men of the world cannot and do not want to understand it that I am the Lord over time and that I hand it out, as I want it – that I can shorten or extent the time, that I can make man capable, but as I also let the time pass uselessly through obstacles or failures of all work, when it is my will. Read more >>


2018 032
2018 January 25 (2)
And the light will win.
Fight between light and darkness
The power of God and of light would alone be enough, to render harmless the opponent and to lead the spiritual to the light, but the free will of it stands against it, and for that reason a fight must be waged, not to break the will, but to change it. Read more >>


2018 033
2018 January 25 (3)
Only through Jesus you can reach me.
Confessing before the world - Declaring the name of Jesus
In the name of your divine redeemer you have a weapon, which truly cannot be surpassed, because, who musters faith in me in the time of the end, possessed my whole love. Read more >>


2018 034
2018 January 25 (4)
Faith can move mountains.
Test of the power of faith - Miracle healings
Help demanding people will approach you, do not refuse them the requests; help them, by you laying the hands on them in my name. Read more >>


2018 035
2018 January 25 (5)
To progress spiritually, just a way of life according to my will necessary.
Voice of the conscience - Love command - Knowledge
Who pays attention to this admonisher, who therefore listens to the voice of his conscience, he also walks the right way, which leads to the aim. Read more >>


2018 036
2018 February 2
Marriage is also no state, which can be broken off or changed as you like.
The marriage valid before God
The joining together of spiritually like-minded souls is the highest happiness and aim both on earth as also in the hereafter, and what has once connected in love, also remains connected until all eternity. Read more >>


2018 037
2018 February 7
Therefore the original source of power must be a thinking entity.
Entity like divinity
You will never be able to fathom my nature, as long as you dwell on earth, but you must believe in an entity like divinity, because only through this faith you can also penetrate into that mystery, even so only in the state of perfection, but which you can also only reach with my support, which you must request, to which irrevocably belongs faith in me as entity and therefore only through this faith you can be happy. Read more >>


2018 038
2018 February 8
To go to ruin in spiritual death means a new banishment in hard matter.
Spiritual death - New banishment in matter
Let them take the earthly life from you and do not be afraid because it is just the body that your enemies can kill, but the soul remains alive because it is something spiritual that men cannot kill, especially when men are after your life because you believe and do not want to give up your faith. Read more >>


2018 039
2018 February 8 (2)
But according to divine justice every wrong must be atoned for.
Requital - atonement - Eternal order - Forgiveness through Christ
There is a requital, and happy are you to be called, when you are already allowed to atone for on earth, because in the hereafter it is extremely difficult to get rid of you guilt, so difficult, that you need ages, while on earth you are allowed to resort to him, who has died for your sins. Read more >>


2018 040
2018 February 8 (3)
You have the possibility at any time, to be able to get into contact with God.
Reference to great trouble - Religious war - Admonition
Let yourselves be seriously admonished not to forget him, so that also he does not forget you, when you need him and have to rely on his help. Read more >>


2018 041
2018 February 8 (4)
He approaches them through life fate.
God’s revelation through his creation
He approaches men in a way that they can recognize their own descent, that they must feel it, that it is the same being as they themselves, only in a degree of perfection, which they lack and which to achieve is their final goal. Read more >>


2018 042
2018 February 8 (5)
But the love command is nevertheless a command, which leaves freedom to the will of man.
Church commands
I gave to men the love command, which can be fulfilled out of free will or also not. Read more >>


2018 043
2018 February 11
And these souls will thank you for ever.
Unbelief to bearers of truth
As bearers of truth you will also recognize the convictions of the individuals; you will know about the degree of maturity and make an effort accordingly or let up your efforts, where you find no reception. Read more >>


2018 044
2018 February 11 (2)
A life in love makes man to a receiving vessel of my spirit.
Right disciples - Spirit work - Why false doctrine
But the simplest explanation for that is: Where my spirit cannot have an effect, there the spirit of my opponent works, and that truly in a way fighting truth. Read more >>


2018 045
2018 February 16
You seek pleasures and find death on that occasion.
Whirlpool of the world
Because whom the enemy of the souls has once won, him he no longer gives away, and a breaking away from him requires great power of love, but which a man can rarely still develop, who once falls victim to him. Read more >>


2018 046
2018 February 22
I am again among men in the spirit and give them my word.
Purification of the teaching of Christ
To now give to these a confirmation of their thinking, I send pure truth anew to earth, as this always again happens, so men no longer are able to interpret my word correctly, so they have become entangled in erroneous teachings and alone are not able to find out what truth and what error is. Read more >>


2018 047
2018 February 24
Every work of creation is a manifested thought of God.
Composition of the soul - Miniature creation
The soul can therefore see into all areas; it sees what it never seen before, but what is undeniably in existence in creation, and it is aware of it that these miracles are never at an end, that it again and again finds new objects and it still does not get tired of the seeing of these creations, but always wants to see more and consequently is also always more happy. Read more >>


2018 048
2018 February 25
I will hear your prayer.
Reference to coming time of trouble
Then use every day by you often seeking the connection with me and leave all worldly things unnoticed and pray in the spirit and in truth; call upon me for favour, which I will truly not deny you. Read more >>


2018 049
2018 February 25 (2)
I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.
Proceedings at the Second Coming of Christ - Ascension
They will see me as man of flesh and blood but not born of a woman but I come from above and surround me with a form visible to you so that you can bear me. Read more >>


2018 050
2018 February 25 (3)
I want to be your companion on all your ways.
Activity of the servants of God in the last time
What you are to do for me and my kingdom that you must do out of free will, and for that reason it must make you happy, i.e., you must yourselves be penetrated so by your task, that you fulfil it, driven from inside, out of love to me and the neighbour. Read more >>


2018 051
2018 February 26
Be industrious.
Work in the vineyard of the Lord
There are many seeking men on earth and they are like a good field, which is clear of weeds and for that reason well suited for the reception of the seed, which there is my word from above. Read more >>


2018 052
2018 February 26 (2)
Every expression from me is a spiritual revelation.
I abide with you - I want to send the comforter to you
And you will remember me, because my words are spirit and life, so you hear them through the inner voice. Read more >>


2018 053
2018 February 26 (3)
But his sights were to remain preserved to posterity, to again and again stimulate seeking and striving men to think.
Old seers and prophets - Images - Agreement
To them I illuminate the spirit, as soon as it is necessary that they give information about it to fellowmen, and so they will then speak on my behalf, they also announce pure truth, because they will not speak before they are instructed, and at once they themselves recognize in all clarity the meaning of that, what otherwise is incomprehensible to fellowmen, until I myself will lift the veil – until that fulfils itself, what old seers and prophets have foretold in my will. Read more >>


2018 054
2018 February 27
The original substance of my nature is love.
Recognizing of God and faith not without love
But as soon as you stand in love, I myself am in you, and then you must also acknowledge me, because you feel me, even so you are not aware of it. Read more >>


2018 055
2018 February 27 (2)
Do not deaden the admonisher in you.
Alarming increase of sin
Satan has them completely in his power, and they no longer resist him; they acknowledge him as their lord and do, what he demands of them. Read more >>


2018 056
2018 March 1
But they increase their guilt through their conduct to fellowmen, whom they were to serve as leaders.
Blind Leaders - Preventing of truth - Arrogance
And for that reason both the blind in spirit and also their leaders grope in darkness, and latter even make themselves guilty to neglect their actual office as teachers, when they themselves are not serious enough about truth and they consequently are not able, to make a teacher for their fellowmen. Read more >>


2018 057
2018 March 1 (2)
You have received the office from me myself to administer it.
The right to teach - Holy office
I lead you ways, which indeed might appear unsuccessful to you, nevertheless you are to let yourselves be directed without reluctance, because often only one individual soul sees a light flash through you, which breaks through its state of darkness, and this soul is thankful for it for ever. Read more >>


2018 058
2018 March 1 (3)
Then the time of favour is gone.
Love and mercy of God then gives way to his justice
But very soon the gates to eternal life will be closed, i.e., soon the hour has come, where love and mercy of God give way to his justice, where men can no longer use his gift of favour; where they will harvest, what they have sown during their earth life, and where there is no opportunity, to make up for the neglected, because men will be exterminated from earth, who are not to be counted as his. Read more >>


2018 059
2018 March 2
Their god is mammon.
Assignment to work - Last admonitions before the end
But another means than the announcement of my Gospel only still exists for them in the form of exceedingly great trouble – but a trouble, which is announced to them through my messengers before, so that they learn to believe, so they are willing. Read more >>


2018 060
2018 March 2 (2)
The knowledge about my plan of salvation is the culmination.
Knowledge about plan of salvation from eternity - Right servants
For that reason this knowledge is not to be received scholarly, but this knowledge presupposes the awakening of the spirit in man, otherwise it can certainly be heard with the ears, but not grasped with the heart. Read more >>


2018 061
2018 March 3
And compulsion is everywhere there, where organizations are formed.
Teachings in compulsion - Love in free will
Everything, what man does to gain eternal life, presupposes freedom of will; therefore no command is allowed to be given to him, which fulfilment is forced with promises of award or thread of punishment. Read more >>


2018 062
2018 March 3 (2)
Worldly promises, earthly goods and bodily pleasures.
And in this time both sides will apply the strongest means. Each of the power wants to own you; the means of my opponent are worldly promises, earthly goods and bodily pleasures. But I present myself to you and my nearness lets you like to give up all worldliness. When I reveal myself all earthliness loses its value; your soul feels the bliss of the spiritual kingdom and never again wants to miss it. Read more >>


2018 063
2018 March 3 (3)
Every reference you must take seriously.
Everywhere the voice of God sounds - Seriousness of the time
Everywhere the voice of God sounds; everywhere his work is to be seen, and everywhere men are influenced mentally from above. Read more >>


2018 064
2018 March 3 (4)
These beings can likewise seize the will of a man.
Supply of the divine word - Good or bad powers
Immature entities can certainly have an effect on the thoughts of a man, as long as he makes himself receptive for such thought-transferences through God-adverse way of life. Read more >>


2018 065
2018 March 4
Every thought is spiritual power.
Remote effect of thoughts
Recognizing this, great attention has to be paid to thought-transference, because this is proof of the effect of a power which one would like to deny, humanly or earthly seen. Read more >>


2018 066
2018 March 6
Who really desires truth, he will also get truth.
Spiritual influencing - Direct connection - Thought-transference
But thought-transference is far more difficult to be carried out, because man often defends himself, because he just rejects a spiritual instruction, as long as he does not deal with it consciously. Read more >>


2018 067
2018 March 6 (2)
But who devote themselves willingly to the helpful workers, their maturity state is much sooner guaranteed.
Mental influence through jointly responsible spirit beings - Enlightenment through high-ranking beings
In visible earth nearness are those spirit beings active, whose assignment it is to give knowledge to men about the continues remodelling of all that what enlivens the surface of the earth. This assignment is only possible in the form of thought-transference, and so their work will mostly extent to make the different products of creation quite vividly clear to men so that they start to become reflective through these and ask questions, whose answering is exactly the activity of those spirit beings and is therefore imparted to men by the spirit beings in form of thoughts. Read more >>


2018 068
2018 March 6 (3)
Thought is spiritual power.
Question - Answer - Mental activity spiritual work
All such thoughts, which touch problems, which often occupy man, are insinuations of beings in the hereafter, which cannot announce themselves differently than precisely in the form of thought-transference. Read more >>


2018 069
2018 March 6 (4)
And the will of man is decisive.
Thought-transference - Work of light beings
The powers opposed to God influence the thinking of men, who live their life without God – who neither recognize God nor are active out of themselves in love – who neither seek God nor have the desire for spiritual knowledge – who therefore only belong to earth, i.e. are filled with pure material thoughts. Read more >>


2018 070
2018 March 6 (5)
Thought-transference is that weapon, with which the spiritual wages the war.
Wrong thinking - Work of the opposite pole of God
Thought-transference through the light beings can therefore take place without resistance, without obstacles; the thinking of man moves in truth and never ever needs to be doubted. But the same receptivity is characteristic of those men, who through their God-farness turn to the opposite pole of God. They can receive the radiations of the bad spiritual powers exactly the same way, because they open themselves for it through the desire for worldly things, which are share of him, from whom man is to turn away. Read more >>


2018 071
2018 March 6 (6)
And this work always aims to achieve the redemption of the still bound spiritual.
Redeeming activity depends on God-equal will
In the hereafter the activity of the spiritual is also meant to the spreading of truth, only that this activity is a mental instruction, therefore a pure spiritual activity is to be understood by this. This thought-transference must therefore agree with the will of God, because the being in the hereafter can carry out nothing else but the will of God, when it itself is connected with God. Read more >>


2018 072
2018 March 6 (7)
The state of darkness is therefore a state of ignorance.
Activity of the beings in the hereafter - Transference of knowledge
An activity as on earth has to be ruled out then, because the spiritual kingdom is no material world; it is just a world of thoughts and wishes; it is a spiritual world, where nothing bodily, visible or tangible exists, but everything is just in existence in the world of thoughts of the being and the thought is again the epitome of the love power out of God flooding in to the being. Read more >>


2018 073
2018 March 7
Through thought-transference from the kingdom of light to Earth an extraordinary knowledge can be imparted to man.
Thought-transference from the kingdom of light to Earth
And still the beings out of the spiritual kingdom are active; otherwise man would be completely without thoughts – not including the pure earthly thoughts, which are merely functions of bodily organs. Read more >>


2018 074
2018 March 7 (2)
Where my word is received, there is truth.
Explanation of the process of writing
A pure spiritual event can only unwind pure spiritually; a thought-transference must take place whatever happens because own thinking, i.e. use of intellectual activity requires longer time to bring spiritual results in this form. Read more >>


2018 075
2018 March 7 (3)
But then also his mind has to be active.
Limits of knowledge - Stepping over them
It concerns spiritual spheres, which for that reason cannot be fathomed by the mind, because they lie outside of human knowledge, and that is why it must also be imparted to men out of the spiritual kingdom. This can only happen through thought-transference, but which first touch the heart before they can be assimilated by the mind. Read more >>


2018 076
2018 March 7 (4)
This fight about the will of man can therefore only be waged through though-transference.
Explanation why the thinking of men is so different
And the more intimately the will devotes itself to me, the clearer will be thoughts he has, which are then always in accordance with truth, and he can make no mistake. Read more >>


2018 077
2018 March 7 (5)
Only those teachers are allowed for a teaching office, who themselves have mastered, what they are to teach.
Training of teachers directly or through light beings
For understandably only such beings are allowed to the teaching activity, who themselves stand in knowledge, therefore have reached a high degree of maturity, because these are light and power receivers, therefore they can also hand out light and power. Read more >>


2018 078
2018 March 8
That man will not lose the peace of the soul.
Peace of the soul
As soon as the right relationship of a man to God, to his creator and father from eternity, has been established, also his earth life is a peaceful one despite events, which approach man from the outside threateningly. Read more >>


2018 079
2018 March 8 (2)
And this conscious receiving of spiritual material exceedingly promotes the ascent development of the soul.
Contact with the spiritual world extraordinary privilege
Only the ignorant man makes use of material helps for this, which because of that also produce certain successes, because the beings of the spiritual kingdom use every opportunity to get into contact with men to inform them that they are near the man and want to have contact with them. Read more >>


2018 080
2018 March 8 (3)
I reveal myself to men.
Revelation of God
Therefore you must listen inwards to be able hear my voice, and this requires solitude, a becoming absorbed into the inside, a secret dialogue with me in stillness. Read more >>


2018 081
2018 March 8 (4)
Learn to overcome the world.
No-one can serve two masters
You must free yourselves of all earthly good, of every desire for it, and alone strive for that, what is eternal, what belongs to me and for that reason must be exceedingly valuable. Read more >>


2018 082
2018 March 8 (5)
When love cools in the heart of men, help for fellowmen gets organized.
Love towards the neighbour
The need of the spirit and of the soul is often still greater than the earthly need, and there you are to be active to help through encouragement and consolation in suffering, through spiritual building up, though sending of my word and leading back to faith, where such is necessary. Read more >>


2018 083
2018 March 8 (6)
The spirit now directs man and leads him now with certainty to the aim, to eternal life.
Work of the spirit - Spiritual rebirth
When now my spirit can be active in a man, then he is also won for the eternal kingdom, because this is already an act of the spiritual rebirth, an act of redemption out of the bound state. Read more >>


2018 084
2018 March 9
That everything is truth, what was predicted about the end.
Seers and prophets of the time of the end - Little understanding
The seers and prophets will not be accepted in their own land, because nobody wants to hear them, and the representatives of the world will treat them with hostility. Read more >>


2018 085
2018 March 9 (2)
To be united with me means to stand in perfection.
Uniting with God aim of man
The transmission of my love on to the being is the epitome of happiness and therefore a privilege of the perfect, which is no longer separated from me, but has completely united itself with me. Read more >>



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